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Hair 2 go LENDAN

full volume spray
Volume Amplifier Spray. Leave-in


- Maximizes volume and fullness, while promoting hair strength
 and firmness.
- Strengthens the hair shaft delivering maximum vibrancy and body.
- Thickens and provides more density to the hair, leaving it
 shiny and full of movement.

Presentation: 150ml

Is your hair feeling flat and just a little bleehhh. Did your new shampoo and conditioner not do the job it was meant to. I have found the perfect product for the flat problem. No matter what I do or use I have never been able to achieve amazing volume. But with Lendan's full volume spray I can finally say I know what it feels like to have volume, and it's great. This spray is also a great pick me up for in between washes as it smells good and leaves your hair smelling washed :-) great cheat method.

Intensive Hydro-Nutritive Serum. Leave-in


- Intensely repairs mid lengths and ends of the hair.
- Seals and protects split ends.
- Ultra shine and softness.

Presentation: 30ml
I was kind of hesitant when using this as oils in my hair don't go very well and I am often left with very oily roots and looking like I haven't washed my head for weeks. But this didn't do that, instead it just repaired my hair and left it feeling and looking great. I only used it on the ends of my hair, as I don't like putting treatment near the roots. After a few days of not using a treatment the tips of my hair look really dry and ratty so I am finding myself having to use a treatment at least once a week to keep my hair looking good.

And to finish off this amazing review I want to offer beauties out their a chance to win a pack from hair2go. All you need to do is tell me in 25 wol which product on their site you would most like to use and why?