BYS Nails


Very fresh and very new off the block…
BYS have created what I believe is a first of its kind nail polish. All you do is paint your nail with the base colour polish and then "graffiti" your nails with what looks like a clear top base polish only with a tiny brush tip, with what ever images or patterns or designs you would like. And then before your eyes you can see your art come to light. I have no idea how this works but it is really cool and effective. BYS graffiti is also fast drying, to my surprise and is quite durable. It's a cool idea and really easy to make your nails one of a kind.
Hayley also loves these nail polish and has loads of funs when we pop it on their nails.
I received two colours to review; the first was the Violet Vandal, which is a nice purple silver colour as shown. And the second was grab the loot which is a green silver colour. Both are very pretty and colours I will be wearing more often.

A really cool idea from a VERY affordable brand. So there will be no breaking the budget with this polish!!