Hallmark's Jingle the Interactive Story Buddy

Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way.... When I received this package in the mail it made me realise how close we actually are to Christmas, and I haven't even started shopping yet (a very unorganised mummy this year.)

Without a doubt each year my girls get spoilt rotten, they received many toys some of which get broken and thrown away (or taken to donation bins.)
But this is a toy that will not be thrown out, or looked past.

Hallmark’s Jingle the Interactive Story Buddy
RRP $34.99
Meet Jingle, the good dog who wants nothing more than a home and friends to call his own. Kids will love watching him come to life as you read key words aloud from his books, read-along CD and more.

Why he's unique
Everybody wants to own a loyal, well-behaved pup, which explains why Jingle has been 
one of our best selling buddies since he helped us launch the Story Buddy category
in 2010. His stories, which are about belonging and finding a loving family, will pull 
at the heartstrings of just about anybody who hears him "speak" a variety 
of responses—each making story time feel as fun and magical as the first.

Jingle is the most adorable little snow pup I have met. I love this whole concept of reading along to your kids while a little puppy interacts. How it works is you press jingles ear and you then hear a jingle. A lady then says ‘Jingle is ready to read your story to him.’ So not only are you reading a story to your children your also reading to the puppy. Then all you do is read the book as you normally would. You will then come across lines in red, these are the ones Jingle listens to and responds to. For example in the book it says ‘ And Jingle was a good dog’ then Jingle will respond with happy puppy noises. My favourite is when it reads ‘ Jingle even loved to sing.’ Jingle then starts to howl a song along; my girls have a giggle every time.

I know quite a few kids this year that I know would appreciate this toy so much, so I will be getting these for under the tree. There is also such a variety to choose from so the kids will all have different ones. You can get Jingles sister Bell, she is just a girl version of jingle all pink and pretty. Then there’s also Scooby-Doo the much loved pup, Christopher the brown bear in pj’s, Nugget the super cute puppy, Abigail the pink and brown bunny and also Bigsby the  troll looking fellow how loves and adventure.

The pack you buy is $34.99 and comes with a book and a read along cd, which is great to throw in the computer and gets your toys responding.
But apart from that you can also buy accessories for your plush friends for instance, Abagail’s latest book, Abagail and the fashion show, includes a bunny-sized purse for her to carry all them carrots J
There are also downloadable apps for your little buddies to respond to the narrator. You can also buy new books to read to your children and plush friend.

Great gift ideas that will just keep giving.

Hallmark’s Bell and Jingle the Husky Pup Interactive Story Buddies are available this Christmas from leading retailers, newsagents and selected gift stores nationally or online at http://www.hallmarkcards.com.au