Christmas with Huggies


Huggies Christmas Nappies
These nappies are Limited Edition and only available until sold out at most retailers. I've spotted them at both Kmart and Big W, but I'm sure they’re everywhere.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la ahh. Christmas is a crazy festive season, and I love everything Christmas. I am one of them crazy mums that will decorate their nails Christmas themed, and buy anything cute Christmas I lay my eyes on (my partner doesn't agree with me bringing something Christmas home every day, but hey it's only for 25 days.) and I love a good excuse to buy my kids some early presents, so I love that I can buy nappies that are Christmas themed :-) the only problem I am having is hiding them from my four year old who is obsessed with popping them on her teddies. I walked into her room after a nap only to find her having a tea party with 5 teddies all wearing the lovely Huggies nappies.

And when it comes to baby nappies, it is no exception. I love that Huggies is the only one I know that actually does nappies, and in Australia our Christmas season is usually a stinking hot one! So what better way then letting bubs get their booty out in style. I have always used Huggies with both my girls and never ever had a problem.. (Actually that's a lie, I did once but I sent them an email and they sent me out a whole new packet of nappies as a couple of the tabs in a packet of nappies just broke off.) But in my 6 years of using nappies, there has only been that one simple problem.  

When using other name brand nappies I have found that they just don't hold fluid like Huggies, and I've had multiple poop explosions in other nappies and they have gone all over the place, even with the worst poop Huggies out does the rest. I am not saying I only use Huggies I also have another favourite nappy brand, but it's one of the only two brands I’ll touch.


Their cute little Christmas nappies come in all the usual sizes just with uber sweet designs. The girl’s nappies are red and white striped with a little Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer head on the front, and a little reindeer tail on the back.
And for them little men (oh boy I wish I had a little man) Huggies have made a Santa suit designed nappy, complete with belt and shiny gold buckle.  

So not only am I decorating my tree this year but my daughter as well :-)