Spa Fresh Blends

Everyone knows I am a sucker for a bath and it’s the ultimate way to unwind and actually have ME time without the partner, or without the kids just the water and me.
I also love to pamper myself in the bath with bubbles, milks and scrubs. It's a great opportunity to focus on me. With spa fresh blends they have both scrubs and bath milks :-)
I was lucky enough to try two products; the first one was the 3zests body scrub. It is a sugar scrub so will not irritate them freshly shaven legs, I didn't know my salt scrub was doing this and making my fake tan look horrible until not long ago.
It has a very strong citrus smell and is a summery kind of smell. The scent stays on your legs as well, which is a bonus. It scrubs away all the dead skin cells without damaging the new fresh ones, leaving your skin glowing and beautiful. You also get a generous sized tub with the scrub, which is fantastic.

Now I also got to try the Romantic Discovery Milk Ritual, milk bath. I wouldn't say I would ever use this romantically as for starters Matt (partner) doesn't like baths and secondly I couldn't squish him in the bath alone let alone with me in it. But this would make a great product to take away on the romantic getaway that has a spa. When used in the bath it really hydrates your skin and leaves in silky soft and smelling great. This particular scrub smells like essential oils such as lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang. I wouldn't say it smells strongly of one or two of these as you can smell all of the different scents. I have really taken to milk baths lately as it makes me feel like a little goddess back in the day, as this is what all the rich goddesses used to bathe in.


We can thank the freshness at Spa Fresh Blends for the 3 Zest Body Polish that leaves the skin seriously smooth and silky soft. buffing away surface cells, this refreshing zesty scrub is a natural  nourishing and refreshing exfoliate.

This relaxing blend promotes peace and relaxation, a great way to start or end the day in a blissful milk bath filled with rich minerals and proteins. You may also use this ritual as an essence of romance.