Long days out at, or late nights out with hours of wearing heels. All them hours in heels it feels more and more like you are walking on broken glass.

With every step taken the thought of taking them heels of and winging it bare feet. But then the other thought that overpowers it.... But I will look terrible; I have more pride then that... Or what if I step on something.

I learnt the hard way with this, with a walk home on a Saturday night down Sydney rd. My feet just couldn't take it anymore, and by this time I had a fair bit to drink, and I had to take these heels off. I did and made it half way home only to stand on a part of a broken bottle and slice my toe open; it was gross and horrible and is definitely something I will never do again.
Since that night I always make sure I take a big enough bag or clutch to be able to fit a pair if sandals in, which can get quite annoying and not so pretty.

By then end of the night or day your wishing you wore flats. And by the next morning your really paying for it with what feels like bruised feet. How good would it be to be a male, they dress up with some snazzy kicks or leather shoes but no not us. Instead we go for them lovely 6-inch heels that just look oh so good, but when it comes to wearing them... Well it's quite painful!

 But now there is a solution to all this pain and suffering and even embarrassment.

FLIPSTERS.. These babies are amazing; they fold up into a little pouch. They come in both sandals and flats. I was a lucky girl and received a pair of their black flats to review, and now when I leave the house I will not leave without my FLIPSTERS by my side. They are super comfortable and a much-appreciated item for my poor feet after a big day in heels.
They have really nice cushioned soles so it is like walking on clouds after getting out of a pair of heels.

Whoever invented these is an absolute legend, and needs an award!! No girl or lady ever needs to walk barefooted and make a fool of themself. Why not try a pair of FLIPSTERS for yourself today.

Black is naturally the most versatile colour to match with any outfit. Whether crazy, casual or anything in between.

Our Black Flats have become a standard take-anywhere accessory for many women around the world. Their sturdy rubber sole provides durability while cotton lining keeps your feet cool and comfy.