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WIN a Winter Comfort Pack for the little one (and Mum!)

Monday, 31 March 2014
Ehhh one thing I cannot stand with Autumn and Winter is the colds and flu’s that come with it. And then one thing that is even worse then that, when your little one catches a cold/the flu. When they aren’t happy and become agitated the whole house feels it.

I got an amazing care package in the mail the other week that really made me wish these were around last Winter when my youngest got really sick and I was forever sticking a thermometer under her arm and she would scream. I had to do this even when she was asleep and this frustrated the heck out of her.

Now I have found a product that will stop the frustration and annoying my daughter when she gets sick. I am a worrywart when either of my girls run a temperature and I do when every parent SHOULD NOT DO and run to gold ol’ google to find possibilities. Then end up ringing Nurse on Call because I freak myself out, and have the nurse tell me the last thing I should do is google search for answers.
I now introduce you to
 Surgipack’s TraxIt Wearable underarm thermometer- 4 Pack $6.00

Use TraxIt Wearable Underarm Thermometer for continuous temperature monitoring.
Traxit is ideal for underarm (Axillary) temperature measurement, the safest method for children. Readings are instant, so regular monitoring is easy once in place (after 3 minutes). Traxit can also be used for adults and immobile patients.
Reduce the potential for cross infection by allocating a Traxit to each member of the family.
No batteries required. Ideal for travelling, Keep them in the car, handbag or baby's change bag.
This is basically a thermometer that you peel off and gently stick under your child’s arm. You then have to wait 3 minutes for the initial reading to register. After that you just lift your child’s arm whenever you want to see their temperature.
An absolute godsend to any parent that has a child running a temperature and wants to keep an eye on their temperature to see if it gets higher or lowers after panadol or whatnot.
The thermometer should be replaced after 48hrs as the readings might not be as accurate after that and you do not really want a product on your child skin for that long I wouldn’t think. I would also suggest if you are going to re-apply after 48hr to switch arms.

So now it is sniffles time of year I thought I would get a giveaway up to help those battling the cold with little ones.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 packs that contain:
Something to keep the sniffles away, Something to keep the temperature at bay and something to keep them happy when its no longer day.
1 Surgipack TraxIt Thermometre $6.00
1 Fess Little Noses Saline Spray $11.95
1 Energizer Australia's "Monster Brights" Light $25

Please tell me in 25WOL how you get through the sniffle season.

Competition open to Australian Residents only
One Entry per person
Competition Closes 29th April
Get Creative as the winner will be picked on creativeness.

Win a TraxIt Pack

ELES Autumn Collection VS Spring 60's Vibe

As all my beauties may be aware with the change of season always comes with a new season of clothing and even a change in colours when it comes to makeup and the palette.
For example I want to be able to show you a little comparison with ELES with their Spring collection and the Autumn.  To very different looks to match very different fashion seasons.
With Autumn/Winter usually comes your darker and more Earthy colours, but this year it has been switched around and you will see a lot more brighter colours on the face.
Here is the Spring Release from ELES.

As you can see the Spring and Summer saw a lot of the 60’s fashion items come back into fashion and ELES stuck with that in their colour palette. I loved the darker colours and the way they really compliment every single sixties look you could think of wearing.

Some of my favourite items from the ELES Spring Sixties Vibe launch would have to be:

4 silky pearlescent shades within one convenient compact, magical alone but mesmerising when they merge. Earth-derived micro-minerals produce a smoother application for longer lasting eyeshadow that is crease resistant.
Pretty sure you are looking at ELES number Quad fan- I have made it my mission to have one of the largest ELES quad collections in the world (ok, maybe just VIC haha. )

Every single one of ELES quads I have owned have lasted and lasted way through the night and even until I wake up in the morning- They stay, ok?!
No but I do love the Debutante quad as the colours as straying away from what I would usually go with, but some how they just work and made me fall in love.

Part matte, part shimmer! Pair the two to add definition and drama. Transform eyes with this professionally paired cake eyeliner duo that delivers high definition, real drama and true long lasting colour. Use the matte side to define; the shimmering side to dramatize. Hypoallergenic. Paraben and fragrance-free.
So this is the first every cake liner I have used from any brand let alone ELES, so it was great being able to start with a brand I know and trust (oh and love).

This is what I use on top of my eyes to really give it depth and is subtler then a liquid liner on top. It can be used as an eye shadow if your into those dark shades and maybe even a purple smokey eye.
This revolutionary, skin-smoothing blush floats over skin to impart a soft, sheer finish while deflecting light away from flaws. Its hypoallergenic silky, satin-like formula is loaded with Vitamins A, E and C to condition and protect the skin. Free of chemical ‘nasties’ it allows skin to “breathe” freely while natural minerals shield against age aggressors.
Another product I love from ELES, they don’t over do the shimmer and make your cheeks bling. It is more of a stunning pink (well coral in this case).

It also doesn’t block up your pores and leave your cheeks feeling bleh and just plain heavy. Love this and it is very 60’s!!

Now to compare the Autumn collection with the Spring collection just to see the changes in colours, even if they aren’t VERY dramatic.
As I did say though, colour will be the thing for the Autumn/Winter seasons for the face, while fashion tends to go darker.

 ELES have gone with the berry trend which was just starting to come in towards the end of Spring, but very much a must have now.
Even though the Spring look still had the purples in there the Autumn look has brighten them up and given them more of a colour popping effect.
You can just imagine a dark coat, jean and some boots only to be lightened and brighten up with a smoking hot lippie or bright bold eyes.

4 silky pearlescent shades within one convenient compact, magical alone but mesmerising when they merge. Earth-derived micro-minerals produce a smoother application for longer lasting eyeshadow that is crease resistant.
I can see some similarities with this quad and the Spring quad only the Fashionista is brighter shades and something I would have purchased straight off the shelf has I seen it.

I am loving the berries and those sorts of colours this season even in Summer I was lorrrrving them. So yeah this quad is right up my alley and as you would all know I am an ELES quad hoarder- uh hum- collector!

Clinically formulated to provide smooth easy lining with creamy rich colour this dual-ended eye liner pencil glides over eyes without dragging or slipping, delivering a soft powdery finish that will last all day.
The unique formula contains Titanium Dioxide, a natural mineral for protection and staying power and Candelilla Wax, which provides soft and supple application.
Another product I have never tried from ELES and the reason behind that is if you read the heading it is completely NEW :-P :- P

Having said that though I am glad they have made this available in the cosmetics market as I LOVE it, so easy to use even for beginners so imagine what a make up artist could do with this!!
It is such a cool product going on like an eyeliner but setting as a eyeshadow like powder and not sticking your lids together like so of those other darn products you can get that claim to do the same.

Rich, cream colour and protective treatment in one. Creamy, long lasting, feather resistant formula keeps lips soft and colour fresh for hours. High pigment levels deposit rich, opaque colour that lasts while Micro-bubble spheres continually release lip conditioners, while helping to set lip colour.
I am a sucker for a good lippie as you may all be aware of by now, so when I am offered to try out some new lipstick I would go to extreme lengths to make it happen… Would probably try to attempt a black lipstick if I had to haha- ok maybe not!

Probably sound like a broken record here, but pretty sure I also love the ELES lipstick, no actually I am positive I do.
There is no drying up, it sets amazing with no creasy, smudges or nasty lipstick on the teeth. I love that it is cream and stay creamy a sit moisturises your lips.
Cannot wait to see what ELES holds for the Winter Releases and newbies yet to be released J

3B's Prefer AKA Models Prefer

Models Prefer or Three Bee’s prefer, either way this stuff is AMAZE!! I love that you DO NOT break the bank when going on a little Model’s Prefer splurge, and you get a great product for such a minor price.
I bought Hayley her first little makeup palette from Priceline when they had a large sale, just as play makeup. But then one day when I was doing her make up and turning her into a princess I found the formula’s and colours to be great. I then think I went on to keep the palette to myself haha- I gave her some other replacement.

Three products I cannot go past and have passed my trials with flying colours are the:
Energylift revitalising primer $14.99

Who bloody needs Napoleon’s primer (ok, maybe me as I am truly in love.) But this is the closest thing to some big named brands I have used and is a fraction of the price of the big name brands.

The smell is also pleasant and really gives a great base to work on with your foundation and other cosmetics.

I also found there was no oiliness in my face when wearing the primer for a prolonged period of time, which is fantastic.
Unbelievable colour Correcting- light/medium $16.99

CC’s and BB’s have been the craze the last couple of years and there is a reason for this, when you find a good one they are amazing!!

I have had my fair share of bad experiences with CC creams, anything from having a yellow or orange face to seeing no difference at all.

This CC comes out creamy but I think they should have a separate for light and medium so there is more variety and choice, as this may not suit all light and medium skins. The more you use the more coverage you will get obviously.
Models Prefer BB All-in-one pressed powder medium/dark

Not sure that I have ever used a BB pressed powder, although I have used in in liquid form. Having said this though I love it, and to me it is like a powder foundation but can be built up as you like and you don’t have to be too careful with the product. I went for the medium dark as if 

received light/medium I would have come out looking like a ghost and I want to try and avoid that look this Autumn/Winter as I loose my Summer glow. At least my Models Prefer makeup will keep me glowing.
Do you have a favourite Models Prefer product, if so I would love to hear what!?!

Schick to the Rescue | Review

Autumn is here and if often the time where I begin to hide the hairs on my legs with jeans, tights and just pants in general as it isn’t warm enough to bare all that skin anymore.
This Autumn I don’t think I want to keep them locked away, as during this Summer and my holiday to QLD I worked up the best tan I have ever had and don’t want to waste it.
Schick has come to my rescue with the
Schick Intuition coconut milk and almond oil kit 
I am in love with this particular release from Schick, especially considering the change in seasons. My leg skin is flaking and just plain bleh, more so after shaving with my regular shaver.
You also do not need any shaving cream as the head on this shaver turns into a lather that smells divine and really moisturises your skin.

Am also loving the lid you can put on top so you can take it with you on those trips in your toiletries bag and don’t risk cutting your fingers or hands. That is my biggest fear and way too many times have I reached into my toiletries bag only to be nicked by my razor- gut wrenching.

WIN 2L Johnson's Baby Bath & Review

My girls are no longer babies, and my youngest has kissed the being miss dependent away and is very independent now. But just because they are not babies anymore doesn’t mean their skin should suffer.

I still believe in using baby products on Madison even though she is not a baby anymore and will soon be 3. Her skin can become quite sensitive and irritated at times so I find it important to stick to the brands I know or go with natural products.
One of the brands I know and have loved from the very beginning is Johnson & Johnson’s for babies. I love their smell and that new born scent that is known in the Johnson & Johnson’s Baby range.

A product I have been using for as long as I have been a mum and the actual baby product that was my first purchase before becoming a mum is the
Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bath

Smelling just like a baby and making lots of bubbles to clean baby with. This product is perfect for an all round product- cleaning hair, in the bath and even for the body.
Every single time I have used this product when my girls were babies I used to always get “Mmm I love that newborn smell.” When realistically there is no such thing as a newborn smell and it is more the products you use on them.
My next baby will be using Johnson and Johnson’s baby products and smelling like a beautiful newborn J

If you would like to have the chance to win a MASSIVE 2L of the Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Bath you just have to tell me in 50 WOL What is your favourite J&J’s product and why.?!
WIN 2L Johnson's Baby Wash
Competition only open to Australian Residents
Strictly 50 words or less
One Entry per person
Also bonus entries available.
COMP CLOSES 29th April 2014

The Baby and Toddler Show Melbourne 2014

In my left hand is my check-list and in my right is a weight preparing my arm for all the bags it is going to carry!!  That is right it’s that time of the year again when the Baby and Toddler Show.

I love the baby and toddler show as there is always something for every one. Whether you are expecting, TTC, already a mum or even have older children there is something for you at this expo.

I walk out of there with a massive credit card bill and arms, and sometimes even pram full of bags- it is crazy.

Obviously this year I will be looking for items for my little girls. But I cannot help but buy things for the future baby even though I am not pregnant (yet!!)

So here is some important event info for Melbourne:

Friday 4 - Sunday 6 April 2014

Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton

9.30am – 4.00pm daily

Early Bird Online: $15

At the door: $20

Kids under 16: FREE

Would love to see you there to J

{-When Tummy Bugs Stike-}

Wednesday, 26 March 2014
Last night that bastard visited my house again, and once again he attacked my youngest daughter. No I am not talking about a criminal but more along the lines of a nasty tummy bug.

It all started with a rash that was all off poor little possy’s body- looked very much like a heat rash. Then the next day/night she was barely eating and started complaining of a sore tummy.
The next day is was the same, not eating much at all and was not her usual full of life self. Then that night it hit her like a tonne of bricks. She came into my room at exactly midnight complaining of a sore tummy. I allowed her to jump into my bed and in my arms where she felt safe and not alone. OK so I might get a little tsk and what not here as some Mums are completely against co-sleeping and having their little ones in their bed. Well not me sista, they want to lay with their Mummy and Daddy I am not going to deny them or tell them otherwise, especially when they are sick.
So anyway, she laid with me for all of about 10 minutes and then the thunder chuck came. She just laid there so it was lucky she was in my bed or I do believe she would have chocked had I not turned her and then lifted her up.
After that I got up and changed all the bedding and gave her a shower. I was so tired I peeled my eyes open as I washed her in the shower. Then jumped back into the bed.
She laid down for a little bit and I could hear her lightly gagging so sat her up and put her head in a bucket, swish! She was off like a broken tap. It didn’t seem to bug her though as she laid back down.
All night she kept swallowing like you do when your about to vomit so I laid there awake waiting for that moment to arrive it didn’t though thankfully. Then she kept pulling the blankets off as she was too hot, which left Mummy cold.
It was all very weird though because when she woke up in the morning all she wanted was an orange, some juice and that was it. She ate normally throughout the entire day and there was no sign of a bug. Although there was a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, which has her now laying in her bed a little restless.
So heart breaking to see your little one sick especially with a bug as there is not much you can do about it except comfort them and keep their fluids up.

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