Walk the red carpet with this A-List quad from Mineralogie

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a NEW release from Mineralogie, which is apart of the Autumn release. The NEW Pressed Eye Shadow Quad is probably my favourite item from the entire collection and really compliments the colours for the season.

Mineralogie never disappoints me with their quality and their amazing releases. I know even when I spend quite a bit more then what I usually would on cosmetics, I am paying for quality and durability.

I introduce you to the one the only and the amazing

A-List Pressed Eye Shadow Quad $65

Pressed with Sweet Almond Oil
Provides long lasting results
Crease resistant
Added Vitamins E and A as well as Aloe & Rosemary help to soothe and protect the eye area
Pigments rich in colour and blend beautifully Hypo-allergenic; it won’t irritate the eye area.
Comes in our NEW improved sleek mirrored compact with an eye shadow applicator; handy for on-the-go

The shades that included in this quad are: Rose Mist, Sugar Lily, Mulberry and Black Velvet can create a soft a romantic look or an intense smoky eye – the choice is yours!

Some features I love with this quad is that it has been pressed with Sweet Almond Oil, which actually will give you long lasting results. I came back from my sisters 18th and went straight to bed, when I woke up in the morning my shadow HAD NOT MOVED. 

The quads are very well baked to , I know this because I accidentally dropped the quad out of the bag when I was opening it.. Yes I held my breath and felt the tears well up, but luckily for me there was NO breakage!!

For the complete range of Mineralogie products please visit http://www.mineralogie.com.au