Prime those eyes with Blinc Cosmetics

Primers are fairly new to me and I have only been using them for about 2 years now. But since using a primer on my face before foundation I have never looked back and my skin loves it.

I never thought about priming other parts of my face until I was sent some eye primers from blinc. The two products that were sent to me are the blinc eyeshadow Phase One Primer and the blinc lash primer.
Blinc Eyeshadow Phase One Primer $35.95

This is an advanced innovative eye shadow primer designed to hold your eye shadow in place all day; while providing your eyes with anti-aging benefits.
Before using this I would have never have thought to prime my eyes before putting eyeshadow on. When I did apply this though and went about putting my eye makeup on I noticed none of the shadow ended up on my cheek and stayed exactly where I put it. The primer also makes blending your shadow easier for some reason.
By the end of the night my shadow looked as if I had just applied it even after 5 hours, I was so surprised. Never again will I have to pack my eyeshadow in my clutch now for reapplying.
Blinc Lash Primer $25.95

This primer offers a protective coating on your lashes before applying mascara, for a longer lasting application and to volumise and nourish your lashes.
White in colour this stuff looks scary when you first apply it to your eyes. And makes your bare lashes stand out even more, this is only short lived though as you apply your mascara right afterwards.

My only fear when using this, was it may make my lashes to thick and even look clumped up. Again a product proved me wrong, it actually made my mascara glide on easier and not stick.
I wouldn’t say I could see a massive difference with or without using the primer but it is great to know it may make my mascara last longer (not that it has ever been an issue for me.)
 Both of these products are available at leading salons, David Jones or you can purchased on-line at,