3B's Prefer AKA Models Prefer

Models Prefer or Three Bee’s prefer, either way this stuff is AMAZE!! I love that you DO NOT break the bank when going on a little Model’s Prefer splurge, and you get a great product for such a minor price.
I bought Hayley her first little makeup palette from Priceline when they had a large sale, just as play makeup. But then one day when I was doing her make up and turning her into a princess I found the formula’s and colours to be great. I then think I went on to keep the palette to myself haha- I gave her some other replacement.

Three products I cannot go past and have passed my trials with flying colours are the:
Energylift revitalising primer $14.99

Who bloody needs Napoleon’s primer (ok, maybe me as I am truly in love.) But this is the closest thing to some big named brands I have used and is a fraction of the price of the big name brands.

The smell is also pleasant and really gives a great base to work on with your foundation and other cosmetics.

I also found there was no oiliness in my face when wearing the primer for a prolonged period of time, which is fantastic.
Unbelievable colour Correcting- light/medium $16.99

CC’s and BB’s have been the craze the last couple of years and there is a reason for this, when you find a good one they are amazing!!

I have had my fair share of bad experiences with CC creams, anything from having a yellow or orange face to seeing no difference at all.

This CC comes out creamy but I think they should have a separate for light and medium so there is more variety and choice, as this may not suit all light and medium skins. The more you use the more coverage you will get obviously.
Models Prefer BB All-in-one pressed powder medium/dark

Not sure that I have ever used a BB pressed powder, although I have used in in liquid form. Having said this though I love it, and to me it is like a powder foundation but can be built up as you like and you don’t have to be too careful with the product. I went for the medium dark as if 

received light/medium I would have come out looking like a ghost and I want to try and avoid that look this Autumn/Winter as I loose my Summer glow. At least my Models Prefer makeup will keep me glowing.
Do you have a favourite Models Prefer product, if so I would love to hear what!?!