Ey girl, where'd you get those nails? They look SENSATIONAIL

SensatioNAIL by nailene

CONFESSION TIME- Until 2 weeks ago I have NEVER in my life had gel nails. I have had acrylics and just normal polish but never have I tried a gel polish whether it was professional or not.
    So 2 weeks ago I was sent a totally awesome press kit from SensatioNAIL, which is an at home gel system.
SENSATIONAIL starter kit - $89.99
You can buy the kit to begin with which contains:
    Pro 3060 LED Lamp
    Gel Cleanser
    Gel Primer
    Gel Base & Top Coat
    Gel Polish
    Lint-free Wipes
    Double-sided Nail Buffer
    Manicure Stick
◦ Detailed instruction sheet
This kit includes everything you need to create 10 gel polish manicures. The LED Lamp is designed to safely and quickly flash-cure the gel polish- much saver then the UV lamps out on the market. 

I wanted to make it clear with everyone that I have never in my life attempted gels on my own nails so that goes to show how easy it actually is and how it doesn’t take a genius to get the job done (as I am far from “smart.”)
Some really easy steps in getting those gel nails at home, which ANYBODY can do.
First you use the cleanser on a lint-free wipes to your nails and get rid of all the junk on your nails which will prolong the colour.

Then you paint some primer on the nail and make sure you don’t let this touch your cuticles or else it will dry the heck out of them.

Put a layer of the Gel Base and Top Coat then cure them in the light for 30seconds, which is the first beep you will hear.

Once cured paint your colour on and cure for 60 seconds- I found I had to do a little more time in there though, but I applied thick.
Then apply the Gel Base and Top Coat and cure for 30seconds again.

You are now done and just need to wipe your nails with the cleanser again. I didn’t do this step to begin with and was wondering why my nails were all sticky and gross- then I read the last step and DER there is a layer that sits on the gel that needs to be wiped off.
There are 16 different shades to add to your collection each costing$19.99
The only downside I had to this was the fact that it kind of felt like a burning sensation when you first put your hand in the LED lamp. But apart from that all was smooth and easy peasy.
To get the gel polish off your fingers is quite tricky and can easily damage your nails.
SensatioNAIL have a couple of tools and product to make it easier. The one I love is the Gel Polish removal Kit $24.99
This kit contains 30 pieces of foil, which has a little cotton pad on it all you have to do is wet the pad and wrap your nail and leave it. You must be careful though to not over wet the little cotton rectangle as it WILL dry those cuticles and fingers out something shocking as I figured out the hard way- a little goes a long way.
The other product that comes in handy is the Gel Polish Removal Tool $9.99.
This tool helps to scrape your polish off, as I found it is very tempting to pick your nails and try to peel the polish off- but this absolutely a NO-NO. I found out the hard way this peels a couple of layers off your nails and makes them raw.
I wouldn’t apply gels to my nails as an always thing but more of a sometimes thing. For when I am looking for a long lasting mani or pedi. I do however LOVE apply this to my toes as it last FOREVER, two weeks in and it is still going strong.