The Collective’s new Limited Edition Blueberry & Acai

Yoghurt has never really been my thing growing up and the only yoghurt I really ate as a kid and teen was Yogo or Milo Yoghurt. But times have changed now and I now know how bad those kind of yoghurts are for you.
Now having two kids of my own I find it very important to start food eating habits young. I will be starting with the smaller things and not taking away their sometimes food and treats either.

One of those smaller things I want to begin with is yoghurt and working to get it back into our weekly diet. I need yoghurt that is not only yummy but packed full of nutrients. Having come across The Collective Yoghurt the first thing that caught my eye was the fact that the wording of their brand name was shaped into the head of a cow. I knew seeing this it would help me get the girls to eat it as a special cow but all its might and power into making this product so they could eat it. You know what my plan worked!!

After having two tubs sent to our front door in a super cute basket filled with blueberries I knew our diet was about to change- and no not to an all yoghurt diet, but finally introducing yoghurt into the household diet.

The flavour we were given to try was the Blueberry and Acai.

The Collective’s new Blueberry & Acai Limited Edition is available at a RRP of $5.49 each.

The NEW Blueberry and Acai is:
·      Packed full of Probiotics including acidophilus, bifidus and casei cultures
·      Vegetarian
·      Gluten free
·      Gelatine free
·      Preservative free
·      Handcrafted

My thoughts on the Blueberry and Acai Yoghurt from The Collective:
I loved the fact that as soon as you opened the tubs lid you can see all the blueberry ooze floating around on the top and I couldn’t help but dip my finger in and taste the goodness. Imagine and blueberry jam being mixed into a delicious tasting vanilla yoghurt, this is EXACTLY what this yoghurt tasted like only with the slight zesty taste of acai. I LOVE,love, love this stuff and have already jumped online to see what other flavours we can try in this house and what kind of museli/fruit mixes we can add to them!

So where can you find this truly amazing yoghurt?? The Collective’s products are stocked at all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide, with the Blueberry and Acai Limited Edition Gourmet Yoghurt available for a limited time. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information visit The Collective website

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