What the girls are listening to right now....

What are the girls listening to right now?
The Wiggles-
Apples and  Banana’s
Lately I have stopped cleaning the girls room as they are old enough to learn responsibility and also learn that their room is to be kept tidy. They has so many toys it’s not funny, but they play and then leave them expecting Mummy to clean up- but Mummy now refuses.
I like to make things fun for them though and turn their stereo on so that they can dance while cleaning. I know I would love to have a postitive attitude to cleaning the house, but I really don’t- hoping to start them young.
Today I popped on The Wiggle Apples and Bananas Cd, which is the Wiggle’s newest release. Cd’s now are so affordable and really worth buying to keep the kids happy and dancing. The Wiggle’s- Apples and Bananas costs $14.99 and can be purchased online HERE.

Track Listing
1. Apples and Bananas
2. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught a Fish Alive
3. This Little Piggy Went to Market
4. Shortnin’ Bread
5. Anthony Rowley
6. This Old Man Came Rolling Home
7. The Four Presents
8. The Wheels on the Bus
9. What’s Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme?
10. Miss Polly Had a Dolly
11. I’ll Tell Me Ma
12. Fa la Ninna
13. Itsy Bitsy Spider
14. Pufferbillies
15. Miss Lucy Had a Ducky
16. Sur le Pont d’Avignon
17. ABC
18. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
19. Down by the Bay
20. Michael Finnegan
21. Las Golondrinas
22. Open, Shut Them
I love how The Wiggles have popped a lot of new songs but also put some of their older songs, and popular ones that the kids are familiar with.
Hayley had Open, Shut them on repeat. When I peaked in the crack of the door to see if the were cleaning them I saw the girls signing the actions of this song and cleaning when it finished.. Well Madison when back to cleaning but Hayley flicked through their Cd player and back to the Open, Shut them song.
This is a perfect CD to get the kids dancing and singing as well as learning at the same time.