Heart Stopping, Phone Dropping

You know that feeling when you drop your phone screen down, and there is “that” noise. I am always much to scared to pick my phone up and I pause for a moment, build up the courage and pick it up. Even though it isn't going to matter if I leave it there or pick it up right away the outcome is always the same, no matter how much I pray to god before picking it up!! Maybe I think someone will use magical powers and make my phone magically fix itself before picking it up, before my very eyes. 

This is my screen as it stands now- scratched cover and all- very hard to see my screen in the sun!

Luckily for me I have only ever had 2 smashed iPhone screens, but way to many close calls. And there was one time there when I smashed my screen it was unusable, and I was completely lost.
You don’t realise how much we rely on our phones until they are gone. Being a blogger and a Mummy I am always on my phone. Whether it be for Mum duties, checking my emails, social media and blog related things I am on it.
When I was contacted by a brand that has created a NEW and amazing Product.
Saviour Glass Screen Guardian  $39.95

By using 9H rated flexible tempered glass composite technology, the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian offers superb optical clarity and excellent touch sensitivity, and of course superior impact protection enabling you to banish ‘Oh-No Smash Screen Face’ from your life, for good.

Once the 3-step 20-second application process of the Saviour Glass Screen Guardian is completed your mobile phone has a saviour guarding the perfect condition that the phone arrived in.

I was surprised at just how easy this was to put on.. There was no need to rub with a credit card or anything, when the protector goes on there is no bubbles or anything- Amazing and stress-free.
Testing this screen was a whole heap of fun and I grabbed a key and went down the screen and there was a scratch, but as soon as I wiped it , what appeared to be a scratch was GONE!

This is my phone afterwards with the Saviour Screen Protector on- so clear and amazing (my camera found it hard to focus on the phone and kept focusing on the reflection of the protector.)

If there was one thing I didn’t like about this cover is it does not have a hole for the camera like the others, but after trying the front camera I discovered it was crystal clear.  
Another thing, which was s bit of a downer was my alcohol swab was all dried up and I couldn’t use it.
These Saviour Glass Screen Guardians can be found at Big W and The Good Guys.

For your chance to win your very own Saviour Glass Screen Guardian all you have to do is head to instragram and post your " OH-NO Smash Screen Face" with the hashtag #smashscreenface. Just that easy, although mine would include tears and panda eyes.

Check out their Facebook page here.