KEVIN.MUPRHY’s ROUGH.RIDER. Review- Now say that quickly three times.

Mr Matty boof celebrated his 29th birthday the weekend just gone (golly he is getting old!!)
It has been a while since Matt has made a review on the blog, so it feels good to have him back- So here he is.
So if there is one thing I don't like reviewing it is hair products, mainly because I stick to just the one product and really dont enjoy trying new ones it in case they were to fail. There is no worse feeling for a male to walk out of the door get to the pub or footy head to the toilet and then find all your hair has fallen and not sitting where it should.
For me the product I use on my hair is a clay/mud type product and doesnt have shine and oily- just the way I like it.
Erin convinced me that this product would not make my hair look oily and will give me the results I want. After reading the press release myself I thought I would be more then happy to try it out- very unlike me says Erin.
RRP $35.95

Create sculpted looks with KEVIN.MUPRHYs new strong hold matte clay, ROUGH.RIDER.
By combining a mixture of wax with Diatomaceous Earth, made of 89% Silica which stimulates hair growth, and Soya Bean Extracts that provide nourishment and strength, ROUGH.RIDER is perfect for creating looks that have hold without losing the moisture.
Sorry about the messy mirror... Kids tend to do that!

All I had to do was chuck some product into the palm of my hand- about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Then rub it in between my palms and then run my hands through my hair and style. If you just put the product in your hair it will be clumpy and look like a bird took a poop in your hair.

ROUGH.RIDER creates sculpted looks that require volume, but with a moulded, fuller finish. Golden Bamboo provides extra strength to the hair and is abundant in vitamins that can have a thickening effect.
I actually would have to confess that I like this more then my current wax as it gives my hair volume and stays up when I want it up. I also prefer the packaging, the square packing makes it feel like I am opening up a secret suitcase or something.
Thanks Kev M for giving me my perfect Birthday hair.. 

 (This is Erin, THANKYOU KEVIN.MURPHY, finally I brought my man home with hair that didnt look oily and stuck to his forehead! And I also did not have to rinse his hair in the sink before jumping into bed as it wasnt annoying him.)

ROUGH.RIDER is now available at leading salons nationwide. For stockist details, call 1800 104 204 or visit