A great piece of mind with DoorMonkey!!!

When the house is completely quiet with only the noises of the kids playing and having fun. But then all of a sudden that fun sound is broken with shrieking and screaming, followed by a river of tears.

I am sure I am not the only parent out there that has experienced the painful and heartbreaking cries associated with your little ones getting into places they shouldn’t be. Don’t get me wrong I keep the poisons up high and the sharp and dangerous objects out of reach but sometime those little monkeys get into things I don’t want them to.
For me the two rooms I really try to keep out of bounds is the laundry and the bathroom for obvious reasons. But it is not always that easy and some of the kid proof and child locks out on the market may as well be adult proof as well.

I had this one lock on the fridge that ended up breaking my fridge door handle and probably my nerves a few times as well- so frustrating.
On the cupboards we had the same brand of locks on them, and I ended up with jammed fingers and the girls ended up being able to pull it open and completely snap the locks- let me tell ya’, they ain’t no Hulk Hogan!
But ALAS I have found an amazing product that is easy to use if you have the right internal doors and work an absolute treat. This product is of course The Doormonkey!

I was sent a Doormonkey and put it on the laundry door as it is undergoing renovations and currently has many dangerous things everywhere.
Loving the fact that you can put the door monkey at whatever height you deem reasonable and can have it just high enough little hands cannot reach but low enough that those older siblings can still open the door.
Also this device is super easy to install and takes only minutes to get up on the door. Then it also doesn’t take a further 30 minutes to actually work out how and try to get the door open.
The fact that this is not on every shelf in every shop so that every parent can have the same piece of mind as I did after installing the door monkey. I loved it!!