WIN a Winter Comfort Pack for the little one (and Mum!)

Ehhh one thing I cannot stand with Autumn and Winter is the colds and flu’s that come with it. And then one thing that is even worse then that, when your little one catches a cold/the flu. When they aren’t happy and become agitated the whole house feels it.

I got an amazing care package in the mail the other week that really made me wish these were around last Winter when my youngest got really sick and I was forever sticking a thermometer under her arm and she would scream. I had to do this even when she was asleep and this frustrated the heck out of her.

Now I have found a product that will stop the frustration and annoying my daughter when she gets sick. I am a worrywart when either of my girls run a temperature and I do when every parent SHOULD NOT DO and run to gold ol’ google to find possibilities. Then end up ringing Nurse on Call because I freak myself out, and have the nurse tell me the last thing I should do is google search for answers.
I now introduce you to
 Surgipack’s TraxIt Wearable underarm thermometer- 4 Pack $6.00

Use TraxIt Wearable Underarm Thermometer for continuous temperature monitoring.
Traxit is ideal for underarm (Axillary) temperature measurement, the safest method for children. Readings are instant, so regular monitoring is easy once in place (after 3 minutes). Traxit can also be used for adults and immobile patients.
Reduce the potential for cross infection by allocating a Traxit to each member of the family.
No batteries required. Ideal for travelling, Keep them in the car, handbag or baby's change bag.
This is basically a thermometer that you peel off and gently stick under your child’s arm. You then have to wait 3 minutes for the initial reading to register. After that you just lift your child’s arm whenever you want to see their temperature.
An absolute godsend to any parent that has a child running a temperature and wants to keep an eye on their temperature to see if it gets higher or lowers after panadol or whatnot.
The thermometer should be replaced after 48hrs as the readings might not be as accurate after that and you do not really want a product on your child skin for that long I wouldn’t think. I would also suggest if you are going to re-apply after 48hr to switch arms.

So now it is sniffles time of year I thought I would get a giveaway up to help those battling the cold with little ones.

For your chance to win 1 of 3 packs that contain:
Something to keep the sniffles away, Something to keep the temperature at bay and something to keep them happy when its no longer day.
1 Surgipack TraxIt Thermometre $6.00
1 Fess Little Noses Saline Spray $11.95
1 Energizer Australia's "Monster Brights" Light $25

Please tell me in 25WOL how you get through the sniffle season.

Competition open to Australian Residents only
One Entry per person
Competition Closes 29th April
Get Creative as the winner will be picked on creativeness.

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