Schick to the Rescue | Review

Autumn is here and if often the time where I begin to hide the hairs on my legs with jeans, tights and just pants in general as it isn’t warm enough to bare all that skin anymore.
This Autumn I don’t think I want to keep them locked away, as during this Summer and my holiday to QLD I worked up the best tan I have ever had and don’t want to waste it.
Schick has come to my rescue with the
Schick Intuition coconut milk and almond oil kit 
I am in love with this particular release from Schick, especially considering the change in seasons. My leg skin is flaking and just plain bleh, more so after shaving with my regular shaver.
You also do not need any shaving cream as the head on this shaver turns into a lather that smells divine and really moisturises your skin.

Am also loving the lid you can put on top so you can take it with you on those trips in your toiletries bag and don’t risk cutting your fingers or hands. That is my biggest fear and way too many times have I reached into my toiletries bag only to be nicked by my razor- gut wrenching.