Fun filled and lots of smiles is how we spent our Saturday. This was for the official launch of a brand new bowling and entertainment complex located in Point Cook.

WYNCITY Bowl & Entertainment can be found at:

I will introduce you to the newest and State of the Art facilities! Wyncity features 24 bowling lanes with 42” screens, lush couches (which Madison almost fell asleep on), lane side service and virtual waiters, and the latest social interactive BES-X mad bowling games.

It is so cool, you can take your photo and have it displayed up on the screen when it is your turn to bowl- for us this was an open invitation to get our best silly faces out. Then you can also choose a theme of what you would like displayed. For the first one we picked dinosaurs so everything including when you knocked the pins down looks Jurassic on the screen. The kids loved it and it encouraged them to stay focused on the game and not wonder off.

If that isn’t enough to get the blood pumping then what about knowing you can quench your thirst with a ice refreshment and fill up with an amazing quality beer. 
Wyncity also have a fully licensed Restaurant serving burgers, parmas, pastas and now we also have Traditional Italian Wood Fire Pizza!

Who would have thought that I would have eaten the best pizza I have in my life at a entertainment centre? Well you better believe it as the pizzas at WynCity are absolutely delish and taste just like those you find in Italy. And this is due to the fact that the pizzas are exactly like those you find in Italy. The pizza over was actually imported over here from Italy as well as the Italian Pizza chef! I ate this pizza all while sitting down to play a game of ten pin bowling with the family, it was amazing.

There are so many things to keep your child or inner child entertained here such as :
 The latest 400m2 Laser Tag arena
Ok, I will be honest before walking in here I was a little scared to take a 5 year old and a 2 year old into the arena as it was dark and thought they would be scared. The staff in there were more then helpful and understanding that there may have been a few tears and tests.
To my surprise it was actually my eldest daughter who started crying during the mini movie at the start that explains the rules and arena to you.

But as soon as she got upstairs and saw everything glowing she was fine.

Madison would not put the suit on but was more then happy to run around the arena with us and exploring all there was to see up there.

I loved the arena as there were great places to hide and with a whole heap of people this could be a lot of fun and bring out the competitors in people.

 Bumper Cars,
This was both of the girls favourite thing to do in the entire centre and I think they returned at least 4 times.
You get a great amount on the cars and the cars are so easy to steer even for little ones.

Again the staff were so helpful and popped cushions under and behind Madison so she was comfortable and it made it easy for her to steer.

There were 6 cars all up, but one broke down earlier on. But 5 was still more then enough and allowed our entire family to take advantage of the glow in the dark themed bumper cars.

Lots of fun and lots of giggles as we crashed into each other.

Mini Golf
This is definitely more of a little kids mini gold course as it is quite mini.

There are 7 holes and each of them get more harder as you go along. Our favourite hole was number 5 I think it was, as it has a loop that you had to hit the ball in. Hayley fluked it and got a hole in one (made her day.)

The course is all neon and glow in the dark so this makes it fun and the girls giggled as their clothing lit up.

Arcade Games
Everything from your instant wins to your basketball shooting can be found here.

We decided we would have a little family duel and compete with each other on the Daytona game- girls VS Boys. Of course as you may have guessed the boys won :-P

Lots of fun to be had in this area.

The one thing that made my families day complete would have been the fact that the staff working there were so friendly and helpful. They all knew the in’s and outs so there was no going off to ask someone else.
I loved that they considered and thought about the little ones and went that extra mile to make this day memorable for them.

We will be returning and I am thinking for Hayley’s 6th birthday we might have to re-visit with some of her friends.