My Mother's Day Wish List/ Gift Ideas (WIN WITH BEYONCE)

Mother’s Day is a day we can celebrate and reflect on that special Mum (and some Mum’s) in our life that ultimately put us here. I know myself being a Mother is the best thing I could have ever achieved in life and is way better then any qualification or piece of paper I could have received.

For me it’s not about being spoilt or any of that but actually getting the time and love from my family, after all us Mother’s are quite often taken for granted and nobody knows what we really do behind the scenes.

I have compiled a couple of picks to helpfully help you find that perfect gift for Mummy J Mostly I have based this around gifts I would have like to receive and those Mother’s around me as well.

So here is what I come up with:

Pevonia Mystique Escape Bath salts

Mother’s Day falls in the cooler months of the year so it is great to take advantage of this and spoil your mum with those bath products that she can soak away with and just relax.

I like the Escape bath salts as they smell like a tropical rainforest escape that takes you back to Summer. So if you close your eyes while soaking in the bath you will think your laying in a hammock in the tropical forest of Samoa.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance 60mL
Philosophy never seems to disappoint and there will ALWAYS be a great product you can find for the one you love when you’re stuck for ideas.
One of my favourite scents from their collection is this one, and I got pre-approval from my Mum on this and she agrees it is a very lovely smell that is hard to not like.

Jeanne Arthes Paris Amore Mio Fragrance 100mL $19.95
This is one for those who have a budget but yet want to keep mum smelling amazing. The packaging reminds me of a top shelf fragrance without the pricetag.

A great bargain for those with a budget.

These can be found at selected pharmacies.

Sony Reader PRS-T3
This is perfect for those Mummies that like to read up a storm. I loved the fact that the screen on the Sony Reader did not actually look like a computer screen and much like the paper of a book.
You don’t even have to make a trip to the bookstore to find a great read, the online store has some great selection to choose from.
This is certainly a spoil mum gift as it is quite pricey.

I have popped this on my wants list for Mother’s Day as I have just gotten back into reading before I go to sleep. I used to jump on the Apple Macbook but found it soo hard to close my eyes and settle after sitting on the Apple Macbook for an hour- plus I don’t think it is too good for you.

SK-II Pitera Essence Set-
40mL SK-II Facial Treatment clear lotion
75mL SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
1 piece SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

This is a pack where you will get more bang for your buck and your dollar really stretched. Although it is very much a spoil mum gift back (but who says we cannot spoil the mum sin our life on mothers day.) I have used the SK-II facial treatment mask, which was given to me by a friend when my skin took a turn for the worse and fell in love.
This is great for both younger mothers and older mothers.

Theorie Argan Oil- each individual would make for a perfect hamper.
Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Repair Shampoo
Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Repair Conditioner
Theorie Argan Oil Hair Masque

If there is one range of hair products I am lusting over right now it is certainly the Theorie Argan Oil Range.

Luckily I know my Mum doesn’t read my blog so I can tell you this is what she will be getting for Mother’s Day. I will be putting together a super cute little hamper with shredded brown paper as it suits the packaging of this range. I love how it has the natural nature kind of feel to it.

With this range I will go into more depth in a lengthy review in a couple of weeks, so if you want to hear my verdict hang tight.

Below aer some amazing Mother’s Day Ideas from the Purist Group

Two amazing ones for Al’chemy
Ylang, Ylang shampoo and the Macadamia and wheat protein conditioner
So since I became a blogger and started to explore the market a little more, I have always had a soft spot for Al’chemy and their products. I love their packaging and always end up finding a product I want and end up making it mine.

I think the shampoo and conditioner would make a great present for those with a budget and looking for a present for a Mother that has everything- after all you can never have too many hair products!

A’kin- Purely Revitalising products to create a super cute pack.

A’kin- Purely revitalising lifting eye crème
A’kin purely revitalising firming night crème anti-aging 50mL
A’kin Purely Revitalising Brightening Day crème 50mL
This range is also from the purist company and thought I would include them as they has some beautiful products that can create some super spoiling gift packs for Mum.

Another product I will be including into Mum’s gift pack is the A’kin Purely revitalising brightening day crème as she is always complaining about how “bleh” her skin is during the day.

I will be popping up a full review of some of these products soon, so watch this space.

Okuru Natures Wrinkle Treatment $119.80
I don’t have wrinkles but I know my Mother does (Sorry Ma) hence the reason why this one is in here. My mum doesn’t like her wrinkles, and I don’t know an older lady that does to be honest.

So this is where I think they will like this pack as it contains:
30mL lapureté Day crème
30mL lapureté Night crème
15mL lapureté eye crème FREE
lapureté cosmetic bag FREE

I personally love this pack and think this is the perfect pack from the purist group to spoil mum. By now I think you would be able to tell that the purist group is one of my favourite to buy from when it comes to great and natural products.

The bag this Okuru set comes in is beautiful and soft and I am going to use this as my travel makeup and or toiletries bag- its so soft to touch, and oh so pure white.

In my Mother’s Day wish list I also have to include some cosmetics in there – as this is on my lists for EVERYTHING! I love keeping up to date with the latest cosmetics and colours.

Here are a few amazing pieces I think any Mother would be happy with, either together or in a little pack.
A couple from Covergirl:
Covergirl Flamed out Mascara
I love this mascara so much so you will see a review on it very soon, if it isn’t already up by the time you have read my gift wish list/gift guide.
So easy to use and doesn’t clump, making the smallest of lashes look full.

Covergirl and Olay Tone Rehab- this is in 125 buff beige
This is a great foundation for both young and old. Personally I don’t have any wrinkles (touch wood), but my Mum does.
I tried It out on her to find that she loved it and was able to cover and really hide those smile wrinkles, which she is so conscious about.

And a couple from Max Factor
Max Factor Max Effect Trio Eyeshadow- 01 Coco Crazy
A beautiful colour palette for those Mummies like me who love a good eye shadow. The Max Factor range really does last and is great value for money.

Max Factor Lip Stick- Scarlet ghost, flushes fuchsia
As everyone knows I love a little (well a lot) of colour on the lips. I think the Max Factor lip stick is a great place to start with lip colour as it isn’t an over kill and can be used lightly for a little colour of liberally for a deeper colour.

Scarlet ghost is a beautiful shade of red, which can dress just about any outfit up. But can also be used lightly to create that sophisticated casual look.

Flushes Fuchsia is my favourite lippy shade for Feb/March as I love a stunning pink lipstick.
This is very subtle and doesn’t bring all the attention to your lips, I love to wear this when I am dressing in the light pinks, the creams and tans.

You will also see many different articles and lists pop up on the blog in the coming months- these are just the selected few I am in love with and to hopefully give inspiration to a few children or people out there lost for ideas on Mother’s Day.

I would like to make a couple of my Mother's feel really special this year by giving them the chance to WIN 1 of 3 Beyonce RISE fragrances, which are super new and simply to die for. 

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