{-When Tummy Bugs Stike-}

Last night that bastard visited my house again, and once again he attacked my youngest daughter. No I am not talking about a criminal but more along the lines of a nasty tummy bug.

It all started with a rash that was all off poor little possy’s body- looked very much like a heat rash. Then the next day/night she was barely eating and started complaining of a sore tummy.
The next day is was the same, not eating much at all and was not her usual full of life self. Then that night it hit her like a tonne of bricks. She came into my room at exactly midnight complaining of a sore tummy. I allowed her to jump into my bed and in my arms where she felt safe and not alone. OK so I might get a little tsk and what not here as some Mums are completely against co-sleeping and having their little ones in their bed. Well not me sista, they want to lay with their Mummy and Daddy I am not going to deny them or tell them otherwise, especially when they are sick.
So anyway, she laid with me for all of about 10 minutes and then the thunder chuck came. She just laid there so it was lucky she was in my bed or I do believe she would have chocked had I not turned her and then lifted her up.
After that I got up and changed all the bedding and gave her a shower. I was so tired I peeled my eyes open as I washed her in the shower. Then jumped back into the bed.
She laid down for a little bit and I could hear her lightly gagging so sat her up and put her head in a bucket, swish! She was off like a broken tap. It didn’t seem to bug her though as she laid back down.
All night she kept swallowing like you do when your about to vomit so I laid there awake waiting for that moment to arrive it didn’t though thankfully. Then she kept pulling the blankets off as she was too hot, which left Mummy cold.
It was all very weird though because when she woke up in the morning all she wanted was an orange, some juice and that was it. She ate normally throughout the entire day and there was no sign of a bug. Although there was a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, which has her now laying in her bed a little restless.
So heart breaking to see your little one sick especially with a bug as there is not much you can do about it except comfort them and keep their fluids up.