LUSHious Easter Giveaway


This is the first time I have been able to offer a giveaway of LUSH products on my blog. I want to be able to get a little something out to my ye’ faithfuls before Easter so you can have a beautiful soak in the bath before the stresses of SCHOOL HOLIDAYS hit you full force.

It has been so peaceful around home lately now Hayley has started school, and this Easter Holidays is her first- so lets see how we go ( I may need a few stress relief baths!!!!)

Who needs chocolate at Easter seriously, I know my hips don't! I would much prefer to get a present like a MASSIVE hamper from LUSH ( Hint Hint Matty, I mean Easter Bunny!) 

If you haven’t heard about LUSH then a) you are living under a rock or b) you are about to hear about them now.

LUSH is basically an amazing body store that is scattered around our states in Aus (not all though) but stands taller then the rest. All LUSH’s products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, organic and support local and small business from all around the world. To find out more just head to

The prize pack I have on offer is:

Bunty gift (RRP $23.95) Bunty is our best-selling gift for the young and young-at-heart. It includes one of our long-time favourites, Think Pink Bath Bomb. Topped with candy flowers and filled with confetti hearts, Think Pink turns the bath water a lovely pink colour (could you have guessed?) with the scent of scrumptious vanilla candy. Also in Bunty is our ever-popular Comforter bubble bar for mounds of yummy blackcurrant bubbles, Space Girl bath ballistic for sweetly scented blackcurrant bathing and Creamy Candy for a cotton-candy bubble bath extravaganza. Vegan.
Content: Think Pink and Space Girl bath ballistics, Mini Comforter bubble bar and Creamy Candy bubble bar.

I know after reading about this pack I am dreaming about floating away in a bath with the sounds of rainforest in the background (thanks CD player.)

So if you would like the chance to Win this amazing pack there are quite a few ways to enter. Firstly you can use the entry box down below and follow those steps.

The second option is to repost this image below on instagram and follow and tag me  @threebeesblog and Lush @Lush_ausnz  using the hashtag #LUSHiousGiveaway3B.

Now to the knitty gritty- Terms And Conditions.
Competition closes 1st April 2014
Open to Australian resident ONLY
One entry per household
Winner will be notified by email, re-draw if no reply made will be 5 days after the competition closes.

Winner will be selected randomly.