Lucia Candles

One thing that never goes out of season is candles, there's always a scent for every day of the week all year round.
Personally I love candles and all things smelly for the house (this is probably why I co own a candle and melt making business myself.)

Not only so candles look and smell great, they also have the ability to calm you and also put you into a state of relaxation.
One thing I HAVE to have when I am in a bath is candles. They just set the scene and take me to a different place, allowing me to relax and drift away (until you hear litter patter of feet, followed by knocking on the door with shouts for mum.)
I love a great smelling home, and love walking past a certain part of the home and get a big waft and think… mm that * whatever it is * smells amazing!!
Now Christmas is coming there are loads of visitors just popping in, and I have loads of smelly things around the house that makes them say “mmm what smells so good” So Lucia is a warm welcoming to my collection as the smell really last and the candle has a great lasting lifetime. The candle I received to review was the Thyme flower and Coriander, which you may have already guessed by my previous comment.
The burning time for this little beauty is 20 hours, but I believe you will get more if you don't just burn it non stop. 
A great tip to maximise your burning time is to let it burn for 3 hours, blow the candle out and let it set again. And if you keep doing this you will find that your burning time will outlast what it says on the box.

Lucia amaze me with the very different and unusual scent list, but every single one of them I want to try and smell as they just sound so pretty.
The packing is so plain and yet so pretty and modern. A great range of candles that will make a perfect treat for your home or a present for loved ones home. I have burnt it for about 2 hours and you couldn’t even tell. I also love how different their smells are there is no plain Vanilla or Jasmine!! It is more like blue lotus and Sicilian orange or seawater grass and chai tea, very exotic! I got to try the lovely Candle but they also sell organic butter soap and room sprays.
These would also make amazing gifs with Xmas looming around the corner!!!

Lucia is the creation of Lucie Bernier and Andre Pace, a husband and wife team in Montreal, Canada.  A collection of 12 fragrances numbered 1-12, all of Lucia’s fragrances are exclusively created in Grasse, France.  Lucie, who previously worked in product development for DeclĂ©or, together with Andre, hold a strong commitment toward good products with good ingredients:
   To only use 100% pure organic grade essential oils.
   To only use 100% natural vegetable & botanical hydrating oils.  No mineral oils or petroleum byproducts.
   To only use food grade, vegetable based colors.
   To never test on animals.  Lucia is cruelty free!
   To only use recycled paper for all promotional material and packaging.
   To only use vegetable based inks for all promotional material and packaging.
To always seek out the most natural and environmentally safe ingredients for Lucia.