If you are a mummy with a picky baby and find yourself asking other mothers "what's the best bottle to try, my baby just won't have the bottle." Then the Mimijumi bottles are worth a shot, these are the closest I've ever seen and felt to an actually nipple. They even look like a proper nipple, in our house it has the nickname "the booby bottle" when I ask my partner if he can please get our daughter a bottle he always asks "sippy cup or boob bottle."

These bottles are also great for them mummies that co feed with both the breast and formula, as it won't create confusion and will be an easier transition for baby.

This bottle really is based in the psychologist dynamics of feeding and soothing items as a transitional object, keeping in mind the natural bonding experience of babies with their parents.

Mimijumi comes in two types of bottles (which have super cute names.)

There is "The Very Hungry Bottle" which RRPs for $26.99 au.
This bottle is a 240ml, which is their larger size of the two hence the reason of its name I suppose.

Then there is "The Not So Hungry Bottle" which RRPs for $24.99
This is a small bottle only holding 120ml, which is fantastic for newborns or them bubs that just have as much bottle. There isn't to much of a big difference in the bottle sizes, so I think getting the very hungry bottle is more value for money, and bug won't out feed it.

You can also buy replacement nipples for them in slow and fast for $24.99 and you get two in a pack.

The other things that make the Mimijumi bottle stand out would be:
- BPA and phthalates free.
-Easy to clean with their wide mouth.
-A non slip base. So now when you are preparing and pouring their bottle on the bench there is no accidental spills, and waste.
- Soft silicone nipple that looks just like a mums nipple.
- also dishwasher safe, which is great when it comes to cleaning up.

I love that this bottle is in a league of its own and there is nothing on the market like it.. Until a copycat comes along to try and make a cheaper nastier version.

Love love love