Scottish Fine Soaps are so CUTE

I have kind of turned off soap lately, Instead you find me using the washes and milks. Buuuuttttt...... Scottish Fine Soaps is the exception here!! Their soaps are so adorable and would make for a fantastic present. When I received these in the mail, they were almost too good to use.... Maybe that is why I couldn't touch the adorable ballet slippers; they have a home on the bath shelve looking fantastic. I have actually had quite a few people come over and compliment me on how cute they are. It was such a shame using the teddy bear soap and watching it slowly melt away in my hand, but hey after all I had to give them proper hands on review!! :-( 

Hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, these fun, fragrant, 3-of-a-kind collectable soaps will brighten up any bathroom and make for utterly adorable gifts you won’t want to give away!
A delightful mix of shapes, why not wet your wellies with the novelty Wellington Boot soap series, or tickle your toes with the on-point Ballet Slipper soaps! Want to snuggle amongst the suds? Bring your favourite fragranted Little Bear soaps to bathtime!

You can find these amazingly cute Scottish Fine Soaps in your nearest David Jones store.

The smell of both the teddy and the ballet slippers remind me of our little holiday getaways with grandma to the highlands in a little cottage, surrounded by roses and amazing cottage florals.

The Soap Collection Novelty Soaps Little Bear Collection (Pink, Yellow & Blue) 120g
Little Bear is the happiest living in the bathroom near the sink and might even hide under your pillow when you aren’t looking! Scented just like Fresh Cotton, your Novelty Little Bear Soap will provide a nice creamy lather to keep you feeling soft and smelling wonderfully clean!
RRP: $9.99 each

The Soap Collection Novelty Soaps Ballet Slippers (Pink) 60g
Packaged in a super-cute matchbox style carton, this delicately scented pale pink soap has been lovingly shaped into a pair of ballet slippers delightfully finished with a tutu and ribbons.
RRP: $9.99 each

I didn't by any means find this bar moisturising, but that's what moisturiser is for isn't it? With saying this though it didn't dry my skin out either. I also used this soap on my kids skin without any problems at all.