Blingle's Helpers ... So Far

Here are some of our beautiful Blingles creations. It is just amazing and creative some of these little girls and boys have been. My daughter continues to Blingle to this day!! I hope to see more photos coming as I will be looking for our Blingles $500 Moose pack very soon. My cut off was tomorrow, but as I haven't heard back from ALOT out there I will extend it until next Friday!!! If your picture hasn't been posted by then, I am sorry but your not in the draw. I will also keep emails on file of those that haven't made contact, so they will forfeit future competitions as they have not complied by the terms and conditions :( I feel so mean and cruel doing this, but I don't feel it is very fair on Moose who have provided such great products and all they have asked for is a pic!! Well lovelies hope to see more pics soon!! :) 

Kim Maxwell:

My daughter Blingled this case to keep all the things she Blingles together!!
Thank you so much, she is loving it!!


The kids ( boy 5yo and girl 11yo) and I have spent the afternoon 'blinging' our little 'blingles' off, we had heaps of fun and we blinged the bedheads and my favourite glasses, our wine and shot. 

Michelle Van Schouwen:

My eldest son has already put his order in and would like us to make him some bling for his ipod cover too!

It's a pity we didn't have any red or green Blingles as this would have been great for making little Xmas Blingles. My daughter also noticed a picture of a watermelon on one of the boxes and really wants to make it so it looks like we will be searching the shops for a packet with some green Blingles before too long.  I wonder whether Moose have a Xmas themed Blingles pack?

My daughter is only 5 1/2 and yet she managed with the Blingles OK.  She just needed help when we were using the glue strips to ensure no Blingles were left behind.  I was surprised at how easy it was although I'd love it if they came out with one with a wider gem mat and sticky/glue sheets to be able to write a name in one piece and cover a larger area quicker.

A big THANK YOU to yourself and Moose Toys for allowing us to have a go with the Blingles. My daughter was extremely excited and has added these to her Christmas wish list!

Melissa Okimoto:

As you can see with her beautiful blingles her little ones and herself have been hard at work Blinging up Melissa’s world.

Kelly Edwards:
My son and I decided to get creative with a Christmas theme! We decorated all of our baubles- and they look amazing!
We had so much fun too!!
My son absolutely HATES brushing his teeth, so I figured it would do no harm to offer to Blingle his toothbrush. He wanted a T for Tyler. He is now brushing his teeth twice a day without any arguments! So thank you for an awesome opportunity, that has helped me out greatly :)

In line with our Christmas theme, I made these gift tags for our daycare teachers presents! They're very cute!

Gaye Ballard
My 6 yo daughter and I had fun trying to decide which was was going to be made first. After decorating her dsi we decided to make some birthday cards for her friends.
Thanks for the generous opportunity.
Gaye and Rhianna Ballard.

Nicole Clark

I recieved my blingles pack and thought what an amazing pack of goodies to share with my grandkids, 
nieces and nephews and step son.
I was right, even on a 40 degree day they had so much fun making bling for my craft cupboard and there projects as well as some to take home to bling there rooms up!
I was sitting there in my wheelchair able to help the kids in every step of the creations and i even had a go myself.
The kids aged from 4 to 13 and both boys and girls so i now realise its fun for any age and any gender too!
So many laughs and the hours just disappeared.
I bought my niece a pack for her house as she had so much fun, she wanted to go home and make a Blinging photo frame for her mum and she wanted to Bling a glass for her Dad for xmas.
This made me so proud that i passed on an old fashion value to even one of there generation that something made with your own hands and given with love is the best present of all!
My eldest niece even wrote a poem to express her love of MOOSE BLINGLES! 

Blingles are so bright and crafty
They make us feel oh so arty
We use our minds and hands
To create gran a blinging headband
Lots of stuff for us to create
with our family and our mates!