Great Coles Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for that present for somebody on a budget, or looking for that Kris Kringle present and can't find the one. Then Coles have you covered that's for sure. They have so many different gifts and packs you will find the one for you. I now know I will be heading down to my local Coles, to get the extended families present as they are just such a bargain buy.

The products I received to review were the:

Miller & Moore bathing box set
This is a very classy looking set with its white and gold finishing’s. It also already has a Christmas name tag attached. I think this pack would make for a great budget gift or even to send the kids to school to say thank you to the teacher. The products in this gift box smell lovely and my favourite is certainly the products with hydrating almond oil in them. But I don’t think you even need to buy this pack for Christmas it would make a great birthday present to.
In this pack you receive:
2x 50ml Hand and body cream with hydrating almond oil
50ml hand and body cream with calming aloe
2x body wash with hydrating almond oil
50ml body wash with calming aloe
All of this for a steal of $8.00

Smith St market bathing cube
This is a cool double sided bathing cube Making for a great Christmas treat or even just an average present. The products in this little beauty are amazing smelling and so yummy. You almost want to give it a little taste just to make sure they don’t taste as good as they smell!! My favourite of all the smells in definitely the cherry, I was a little disappointed when I realised there was no cherry scented wash though.
This pack contains
100ml body wash in coconut, pineapple, strawberry and plum
2 100g body cream in both cherry and pineapple
This pack will only set you back $8.00 as well.

Botanical Spa body butter basket
Now I LOVE the packaging this little beauty comes in. Its in a woven tray style thing that can certainly be used afterwards. I also love how it makes you feel like you have just received a little bit of nature with the cute button attaching the label and the amazing scents they come in.
This pack contains
3 Body Butter pots in Coconut lime, mango citrus and fig and plum. All very summery and yummy! Again you want to taste it just to make sure….
This pack is valued at $12.00 which is a great bargain.

And last but not least is an amazing little combo for any makeup lover.
It’s the,

Urban Colour eye shadow set
It contains for double pots of coloured eyeshadow and you can pick from either the gold shades or the silver shades. Personally I love the gold as I am a really earthy coloured girl. But the silvers would make for a fantastic smokey eye!! My favourite in both packs is the eye highlighter as it is full of glitter and bling!
These amazing eyeshadows are only $4.00 per pack. So you get 8 different shades of colour for only $4.00

So if you are after a great cheap gift why not head into your local COLES and pick yourself up one of these brilliant budget packs today!!