Words from the Man of the house.. On Mortein NaturGard

Now I am going to mix it up a little here and hand you over to the man in my life, my partner and the girls Daddy Mr. M (applause.)

Camping is our one big thing at the end of the year for us and is almost bigger then Christmas. My girls and I plan this for pretty much the whole year and love getting away from Melbourne for a couple of weeks.
Last year we went for 2 weeks and were very upset to return home when we had to leave.

Now that Spring is here so are the little buzzing, biting bugger (mozzies.)
One thing I absolutely HATE up there though is the mosquitoes. Luckily enough for me I don’t usually get bitten (must have poison running through my veins) but the three girls get eaten alive. And I couldn’t think of anything worse then seeing my girls scratch their skin to the point of bleeding.

We set up a little open dome tent in the middle of the campsite, and this is where we usually eat. Sometimes thought the pesky little mozzies will fly on in and eat a meal of blood while we snack on our snags. So I have been looking for pest control products to take with us to keep the flying and creepy crawly critters away.

So when Erin was asked to review the Mortein naturgard Auto Protect I told her to jump on it, as it may give her a little relief when we eat outside in the warmer weather and of course camping. And not to mention that our youngest daughter has a huge phobia of moths, when she sees them she will literally have a little panic attack to the point of panting and shaking. So hopefully Mortein will keep these away as well.

 Most families would know of Mortein and if not I am sure they have watched the adverts on TV where the show Loui the fly (who has been around since the 1950’s!!!) always getting taken down by Mortein. And their little slogan; More Safe, More Smart MORTEEEIIN.

So here is a little info on Mortein’s Naturgard Auto Protect

It is easy to use. Just Set and Forget, it is literally that easy.
   The Naturgard Automatic System kills flying and crawling* insects in your home with a plant based active ingredient**, pyrethrins
   The Advanced Micro Diffusion System releases small bursts of mist every 13minutes for continuous protection of your home
   Over 24 hours, the system disperses no more than a single 3-4 seconds spray of regular fly spray
   Stylish, mountable unit, quiet in operation
   Use with confidence around the home
   The diffuser unit can be switched on or off, allowing you to control your usage
   Each refill lasts for up to 27 days when used continuously.
Each pack contains an automatic unit and a 152g refill can

The first time we used it was in the outdoor area we have going on which is prone to get mosquitoes in there.. Even in the colder months. I think because there is a lot of water around us they tend to like to make our house their hangout Or my girls have super sweet blood that is vampire worthy.

The first thing I noticed was that the spray had no horrid fly spray smell that makes you choke. It is almost a pleasant smell, even if Erin does not agree with me. I hooked it up out the back and gave it a whirl, there were no bites or anything even when the girls played out there the next day.
It will be interesting to know how well this works in Spring/Summer when the mosquitoes are in full swing! But I think this year we will be leaving the mosquito repellent at home when camping.