Tried and Tested and Packed for QLD- Para’Kito

You know how I know when Spring has come around (minus the weather)?!? I know because the hungry little blood suckers come out to play.. I don’t know why these creatures were invented, except to transmit diseases and make you extremely itchy. Nothing worse then lying in bed hearing that high pitched buzz’ buzz by your head. Only to turn the light on and not be able to see it, so you sit there for a little while with your arm out as bait and sure enough the little black dot flies by.

The mosquitos is one thing I am not looking forward to in QLD.  Someone told me if I think the mozzies are bad down here in Melbourne I am in trouble when I arrive to the shores of Queensland Is this true? They absolutely eat my girls and myself alive!! My partner Matt on the other hand does not get one single bite, and he can walk straight through a swarm (good to know the girls inherited something from me.)

Para’Kito bands and clips are priced at RRP $24.95 and come with two refill pellets, which provide 24 hour protection for a total of 15 days.
Refill packs with two pellets are also available and priced at RRP $15.95.
The range is available at all good pharmacies and outdoor stores throughout Australia where mosquitoes are found.

100 percent natural eco-friendly mosquito protection device.
As a natural and safe alternative to other products on the market, Para’Kito is ideal for adults, children, babies, pregnant women and allergy sufferers alike, as it has no direct contact with the skin, leaves no unpleasant odour and offers 24 hour protection from mosquitoes and insects.

A unique blend of seven essential oils including; lavender, geranium, citronella, pine tree, patchouli, clove and peppermint is infused into the heart of a polymer pellet, which slips easily into your Para’Kito wristband or clip.
These patented oils mask the presence of humans from mosquitos for 15 days effectively making the wearer invisible, even when coming in contact with water, eliminating the need for reapplying sticky chemical sprays.
The Para’Kito clip is perfect for travel (it easily attaches to a back pack, belt, or can be hung inside a tent when sleeping) as well as for babies just hang it from their pram or stroller, while the neoprene wristband offers comfort and style with a range of fun colours available.
This is what the pallet looks like

The European quality product is both lightweight and completely waterproof, making it perfect for all Australian pastimes, whether you’re camping in the Northern Territory, fishing off the coast of Western Australia, or simply enjoying a BBQ in Brisbane; with Para’KitoTM you’ll never be left unprotected again!

Well these will be my knight in shining armor when we hit the shores on QLD and I know this because I tested them out the other night on our hot Spring night at the park. I had the keyring attached to the pram and the girls and I were all wearing the wristbands. I was a little skeptical about these and not to sure they would work as I have tried something similar and may as well have saved my twenty bucks.

There is no strong odour at all, and one of the things I love is that when you put like Aeroguard on you taste it and feel absolutely horrible, this does not make it anywhere near your mouth so there isn’t a horrible taste. I love these and will be buying some re-fills and making sure they come with us whenever we go out now even in the colder nights, it just isn’t worth the risk.