Tried and Tested: The NEW Venus and Olay Sugarberry

The warmer weather has hit and for that I almost dread it as it means I need to begin to wax again. But sometimes I can’t be bothered going to get a wax and just shave it all off in the shower.  My legs don’t like a shave usually as they get irritated very easily when using some razors, or I am left with really bad ingrown hair or hair that grows back the next day if not by night time already.

EVERYONE should know by now how much I love my awesome smelling products as I go on about it in almost every review that goes up on my blog. But I have never used a shaving product that smells edible and super sweet UNTIL I found the

NEW Venus and Olay Sugarberry RRP $14.99
You can also get:
Gillette Venus & Olay ‘SugarBerry’ replacement cartridges it will set you back RRP $19.99.
And is available from all leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

I am a lady that absolutely hates having to haul the shaving cream into the shower with me and then by the time I have applied the cream to my legs to begin shaving the water has taken it all off GRR. So this is a real nifty razor, which has moisture bars on it already that acts as a built in shaving cream. Only this stuff hydrates and moisturisers while you are shaving. When I have used this razor I have noticed that I have not had flakey skin like I do with my previous razor (which now has a new home in the bin!!!)

As I said above I HATE having to shave only to find my hair has not been cut properly and my legs feel stubbly or by the next day I already have growth. The cool thing about this razor is it has 5 blades, giving me a super close shave with no nicks or bleeds.

The actual razor is a berry colour and quite slim and contoured allowing me to easily hold the razor and get into the awkard parts of my legs.. and body (like under my arms.) 

The scent is a perfect one for Spring/Summer and really gets you in the mood for the hot weather and even a lovely fake tan. I would recommend this razor to those who love a great smelling product and for those who hate having to change the head after 5 or less shaves, these blades stay sharp long after the moisture strips disappear.   

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Gillette Venus and Olay Razor can also be purchased online at from September 2013.