Mother Rant of the Day. Please tell me I am not ALONE

Not sure if I am the only Mummy that has these kinds of days or if something is wrong up there haha. I have these days (not often) where I feel like pulling my hair out and like the housework has made a massive pile on top of me and I just cant get on top of IT! 

And then when I do two little ninjas come through and mess create a beautiful work of mess with a *wwhhhaattccchhaaa* only for me to fall in a slump on the couch and wonder why on I Earth I even bothered…

When my little munchykins decide they would LOVE to become gremlins for the day and try my limits and push me to the brink of almost tears. Usually they will sit there and watch TV together and share their drinks and blanket, but ooohhh no not today. Instead they are using the couch as a trampoline and wrestling ring fighting at any opportunity.

I have no idea what creates these feelings or why I feel like that I just hope that I am not alone. I don’t feel sorry for myself or anything like that it is more of annoyed and angry kind of feeling..

I love being a mum more then life itself and I could not imagine life without my little Mini Me’s but I have a one of day when I just want to jump into bed bury my head and scream!

Ok, RANT OVER and back to the house work