September Reads with Scholastic

In our house reading is something our entire family enjoys, which does include the children. Tonight my youngest daughter who can barely talk said to my eldest daughter, “Hayley, bed. Hayley bed.”
So I told them to both jump into bed and I will come and tuck them in after washing the dishes. As they sleep together in the same room they don’t go straight to sleep, and settle in with each other.
So when I walked into their room tonight to tuck them I found my eldest daughter in my youngest daughters bed, reading her a book we were sent from Scholastic.
This book was My dinosaur dad.. Of course my eldest daughter is just 5 and cannot read the words as of yet, but she will make up her own story reflecting on the images.
My Dinosaur Dad by Ruth Paull
$15.99 from Scholastic NZ

This is a cute little book that compares Dad’s, from tall to short, from Knobbly to Tickly. There are not too many images in this book, so it is nice and plain with no backgrounds. So there are the dinosaurs and the ground and of course the words. I think this is what makes it so much easier for my daughter to read, and also she knows the opposites so can easily read this book without knowing what any of the words say.
Below are our August reads thanks to Scholastic.
The Big Beet Lynn Ward Illustrated by Adam Carruthers

Now I love reading this book to the girls as it teaches my little girls that if everyone pulls together then great things can be achieved.
Images in this storybook are really great and very Australian. There are so many things to look at on the pages that even after reading all the words, my daughters don’t want to turn the page, as they are busy looking. The funniest things are under the soil, including a spaceship.
Good Morning Possum Written by Coral Vass and illustrated by Sona Babjanyan
$14.99 from Koala Books for Scholastic

This is a great August read and reminds me of a special someone. I think the main reason for this is the images and the cute little possum. I used to call my eldest daughter possy or possum when she was a bubs, so it has a special place in my bookshelf.
This book also reminded me of my daughter as well who is always putting other people first before worrying about herself.
This little possum shares a nice juicy plum, which she has picked. Then shares it with all of her friends, until they eat the last piece. Blossom the possum is sad but doesn’t let this get her down.. Afterall a friend comes to the rescue J
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie’s Sleepover by May Gibbs

Ok now this is by far my favourite book, I used to have the entire Snugglepot and Cuddlepie collection when I was a child and remember my stepmother reading them to me. I also remember having a dress up day at primary school and I dressed up as Cuddlepie and my brother dressed up as Snugglepot, we even took out best costumes overall. These gumnut babies are super cute, and there is no way on Earth you could not fall in love.
This book is like the old one, only it has better images and a more up to date. My kids love the little koala who pops up here and there J I love this book more then either of my kids, and actually have it in my room so that it cannot be damaged haha.