Lush Melbourne First Ever Blogger/Vlogger Event

After lastnight I am feeling quite LUSHious and relaxed, I am almost tempted to put the housework on the back burner and get my blogging done.. But I know that cannot happen so I will sneakily take a break and get this one up J

Firstly when we arrived at Lush on Swanston St in Melbourne we were greeted with drinks and introduced from some of the lovelies from the Sydney Office.

Firstly Peta spoke to us and gave us an insight of their ethics here at Lush and went into detail on them.

It has been 18-19 years in the making to perfect their products and become experts.
Recently awarded an award for environmental sustainability at the Australian Buisness Award. For me if I gave any type of award I would certainly award LUSH for great inventions and some super sneaky names haha.

Animal Testing is what LUSH are most famous for.. Their policy is that they don’t test their products on animals but take it one step futher and is the all-important one. They don’t purchase ingredient from an external don’t test on animals. So not one single product or ingredient is tested on animals. I know I would be more then happy to use LUSHs soap on my puppy (if I had one.)

LUSHs products are made in the kitchen in Sydney and distributed from there to all over Australia and of course NZ. So you are always ensured to have the freshes of products available to you that have not had to travel to far at all.  I love how LUSH acknowledge those who put the love into their products and create them by popping a cartoon version of their faces on the containers allow the buyer to get an insight on who made your product.

Another big project LUSH has created is a SLUSH FUND- 2 percent of their buying spend go into it. Then donated to different projects around the world that is focused on ecological regeneration. They are directly in contact with those famers who grow LUSHs ingredients and all about helping them out. I love the whole concept of this one and it is amazing especially for those in third world countries’ that don’t have access to big bank funds and loans to help them to build a great business.

LUSH also encourage recycling- so to re-enforce that they have brought out a thing that when you bring back 5 pots you will receive a free face mask.  They have also made their packaging (especially their gift packs) reusable for example Peta picked up a giftpack that was all contained in a super cute lunch box.

Ok now for the really fun part, we were then given out gift bags PACKED full of amazing goodies! I must say all these events I am attending the gift bags tend to be getting better and better!

In the goodie bags we found things that are popular in store and products that the staff and buyers like, although I don’t know how they could not like any of them. So below is the products as well as a little description and my say on them.

With 6 conditioning butters crammed into this one tub, which all are rich in essential fatty acids. All these combined keep your skin springs and subtly soft.
 It was mentioned that there was an add just brought out on TV claiming they had brought out the first ever body conditioner (which I saw and I am more then happy to name and shame as that is my job.. NIVEA.) But this product has actually been on the shelves for over a year, hmm Nivea I am sorry but it is just not a first should have done some research there!!
 I do love the smell of this product it very much smells like a rose jam buttercream dessert.  But not only do I love the smell I love how it makes my skin feel and how easy it is to use (cuts time in the bathroom.)
All you have to do is when you are in the shower, step out from under the water and apply this liberally all over like conditioner for your hair only this does the same thing but on your skin. You then step under the water and wash the excess off and your done!!

Ok so this next one was one I was super excited about-

I had never actually used a lip scrub from anywhere let alone LUSH, but a was excited that LUSH would be my first.
I knew this product smelt like amazing bubblegum but I was amazed to find out that it was totally edible and even tasted like bubblegum.

So what you do with this is just apply it to your lips and give it a little scrub, once you have scrubbed you just like that product right off your lips. It is made from sugar and jojoba oil, which leaves your lips hydrated after the scrub. It can get messy but is a fun-kind-of-messy that I just can’t get enough of! A little birdy told me that they the scrubs also come in Popcorn YUMMY YUMMY licks lips.

You would have already seen this one on my blog before and it is:

DREAM CREAM RRP $29.95 for 240g
I wont be a Pete-Repeat but this is the best cream that has ever touched my skin and one that I just adore and cannot get enough of. It has a lovely scent and feel on the skin. If you want to find my full review on this product take a look here.

SEX BOMB RRP $6.75 Each
Is a name in the store that turns head and makes you look again. If you were to ask me if I would prefer a sex bomb in the bath, or the real deal I don’t think that is a question I would be willing to answer as I think Mr M may take offence haha!
I do love the little rice paper flower that comes to the top and opens up once the ballistic has dissolved. The aim of the Sex Bomb is to soak up the aromas in your beautiful hot bath with its aphrodisiac and jump out and be in the mood and the smell should also get him/her in the mood… I am yet to find out if this works but it is worth a shot :-P

ULTRABLAND RRP $17.95 for 45g
At first I was not to sure on the name of this product as I thought it was a little low- key and in no way did this product justice. But then when I learn a little bit about it I found out why it was called that.

But this product is FREAKN AMAZIIING and one I couldn’t picture my life without anymore. It removes dirt and gunk off your face that you didn’t even know was there! I thought my facial cleanser at home did the trick at removing my makeup but hell no I was wrong! I will take a comparison photo of my cotton pads of wiping my cleanser on my face when my face is “clean” and then again with the ULTRABLAND.

This product has even been purchased by some huge celebrities and the biggest would have to be Angelina Jolie!!!

OK now here is a product that when being talked about actually got a round of applause from the staff, this is of course:

When I first walked into the store this is what got my attention, the huge chunk of what looked like honeycomb. I would almost be tempted to take a bite and taste it if I had not known it was soap. It is divine looking and also divine smelling. This actually comes in either the bar of soap or not in a liquid form.

I have been looking for a bar of soap I could use on the entire family and not have to worry about sensitive skin or being to harsh on the kids. This bar of soap is amazing and leaves your skin squeaky clean and feeling great.
I will be heading back to LUSH to purchase the liquid form of this and really compare the two.

A product that wasn’t actually included in our Gift Bags but soon became apart of the Gift Bag family was

ANGELS ON BARE SKIN RRP $16.95 for 100g
We were lucky enough to get a demonstration on how to make this product but also got a chance to help be apart of the making of this product. It actually made this product all the more special for me knowing I played a part in making this product for the other bloggers/vloggers.

Angels on bare skin is actually a gentle exfoliating deep cleanser, which gets deep down inside your pores giving you the ultimate cleanse.

So what you do if grab a pea size piece and add a little water on it to almost lubricate the cleanser and then you gently scrub away the dirt and dead skin cells in a circular motion making sure to not be to firm.

Now the generosity of the lovely LUSH ladies was absolutely amazing J I knew we would get a shot at making our own cleanser but I had no idea we would be treated to some pampering!! We were welcome to stop at all the different stations within the store and treat ourselves to trial with the products. The first place I headed was to the hand and arm station where I was given an amazing hand and arm massage. The Lovely Lush called it the Strawberry Cheesecake as she used products that would layer on my arm in what smelt exactly like a cheesecake.

Then I went to the Facial counter and was explained to me the best facial mask for my face. I was very happy that the lady applied these to our hands and not our faces haha as I would have looked like a chocolate face. I LOVED the Cupcake Facial mask, it was like chocolate in a tub and is a great substitute to the calories I crave J

At the end of the night I really did not want to leave and was happy to keep playing with their products, but of course the lovely LUSH ladies had a places to be and obviously had a HUGE day already.

So lastly we were asked to write down three more products in store that we would love to feature on our blogs/vlogs and what we thought would benefit our viewers.

Here are the three products I came up with:

It is a great little product that is smack bang in between a shower gel and a scrub. The reason for picking this product is due to the fact that 1. It smelt amazing and has a very unisex scent 2. It felt beautiful 3. It was BLUE and lastly because I love new products in my shower.

I was also told that after scrubbing the salt that is used to exfoliate your skin just dissolved so nothing will block up the plug hole.
The smell Is very unisex but also has quite a lovely Summer/warmer weather scent which I love using.

Then there was one of my favourites:
VANILLARY RRP $ 15.50 for 9g
This is exactly the same smell as my all time favourite product- Vanilla Puff Powder. I was and still am very obsessed with Vanilla and it is my all time favourite scent for Spring/Summer and even Winter.. Ah heck it is my favourite all round scent.

The Vanillary also comes in a solid form, which to me looks like an oversized chapstick only smells 100% better! This is the next thing I will be adding to my collection!

Last one I picked was a product I asked the lovely Lush’s what they loved and I came up with this:

This is heaven on the nose and I was so excited to use this I jumped in the shower to try out some of my LUSH products and this was one!
American Cream was inspired by a vision of 1950s US milk bars, bright red-leather-and-chrome, neon-lit cafes, where teenagers would meet and drink frothy, fruity milkshakes.

The scent of honey, vanilla, strawberries and oranges is so sexy and sweet that dates can’t stay away. I was sitting there in bed literally holding a piece of my hair on my top lip sniffing away and really taking in the amazing smell!

Well that’s it for me guys, I don’t want to talk off y’all ears all day, although when it comes to LUSH I would be more then happy to type away and chat your ear completely off and spit it out! I love their products and cannot speak highly enough of them!!