Breakfast Muffins made by the MR

Today I totally underestimated my Mr. M J He told me last night he would cook some breakfast muffin type things… Well I didn’t know I was going to get something that just exploded in my mouth!  And to be honest I don’t think I will EVER be cooking normal bacon and eggs and more. After eat these babies this morning, normal bacon and eggs are like eating a mouth full of grease.
They didn’t have a name but Mr. M named them..
Breakfast Cups

I am not to sure where he sourced these from or if he even did at all, but I don’t know he went by a recipe but added his own things in there. So basically he created his first very own recipe.
To make 6 Cups
6 Eggs
1 Cup and a half of shredded cheese
5 Slices of bacon or ham
2 Roma tomatoes or a can of diced
Salt and Pepper
Here is all you need to do:
Step 1. Spray each muffin tray with canola oil lightly
Step 2. Place a slice of ham or bacon at the bottom of the tray, we made a mix to compare them.
Step 3. Place a small teaspoon of diced tomatoes. You can used the canned stuff but dicing up some fresh Roma tomatoes worked best for us.
Step 4. Sprinkle some mozzarella cheese or tasty cheese over the top. We actually used Perfect Italiano’s Pizza Cheese mix.
Step 5. Break an egg into each of the little spots.
Step 6. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on each of your little cups
 Step 7. Pop them in your oven which should be set to 180 degrees for 15-20 Mins.
We also caramelised some mushrooms with butter first and added them in the little cups to, this made them super yummy!