I don’t know if I am still young and just too carefree. But I have never been one to stick too much of a facial regime and just basically used make up wipes to remove my makeup.  But the other morning after applying my makeup, I looked in the mirror in the car to see the girls. They were doing something funny which made me laugh, then like a hurricane it hit me and I was in shock. You know the whole look and then look away, only to snap back to get a second look to see if you were seeing things or not. Nope I wasn’t seeing things that is for sure.. Instead I was greeted with some lovely lines forming on my eye area Shriekkk.

 I am only 23 and can only imagine what they will look like in another 10 years!!! My mum has always said if you get crows feet it means you have spent most of your life smiling… I don’t care how much I smile these lines are just not cool!!!
So I quickly scrimmaged through some of the products I have been sent over time to see if there was some facelift in a bottle, or a little botox laying around… But there wasn’t unfortunately, but what I did find it a super awesome little white tube which read:

Available at leading department stores, select salons and pharmacies nationally
CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm is an exceptional beauty booster that immediately eliminates all signs of fatigue. Just the thing for a quick "pick-me-up" before a busy day or an evening out, this rich, non-oily, lightweight balm immediately helps restore a fresh, revived, beautiful appearance.

Left: Product on the skin
Right: Product when rubbed into the skin (slightly greasy until absorbed.)

The gentle skin-tightening benefits of Olive Extract and Witch Hazel work instantly to diminish the appearance of fine lines. The formula’s moisturising and softening vegetal extracts complement this skin- smoothing effect and help restore satiny-soft, firm, radiant-looking skin.
This balm is ideal for all skin types, which is great for me. As my skin is all over the place and one day it may decide to be dry but when I wake up in the morning I could look like a massive grease ball.
As soon as this balm hits my face it has this radiance about it, like that I would get from a CC Cream, minus any foundation. It claims to tighten the skin, but so far since using it I have not felt my skin tightening up, but maybe over time it will just work its magic and keep my skin looking young.
I also use this beneath both my primer and foundation and it gives me a beautiful glow and really finishes off my look.
I love the super cute, shiny lid
       -  Algae Extract: revitalising
       -  Witch Hazel and Olive Tree Extracts: tightening effect, promotes radiance
       -  Bisabolol: soothing and softening
They suggest using the Beauty Flash Balm after washing your face and only applying a tiny amount. Your not meant to “rub” it in either, but instead use sweeping movements to apply to your skin.
You can pop your makeup on straight after applying it like I have said above to if your want :-) All I know is that I love this balm and will continue to use it to banish and keep these unwanted lines away.