Finally it is the ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN unil the family leaves Melbourne and are jetting off to QLD for our first ever family holiday.

I know when we get to only days away I will have many sleepless nights and worrying if I have forgotten to pack anything in the suitcases.

I have never been to Queensland before so it is very much an adventure into the unknown.. Flights don’t bother me as I have been to visit the family in New Zealand many of times and that is a three-hour flight.

This trip would not have been made possible if it weren’t  for my partner’s amazing family (they are not in-laws as were not married but I like to call them that anyway.) They have paid for our flights completely which forced us to save for the family holiday and really make my dream a reality. The parentals also paid the deposit for our accommodation and just keep forking out for us. I know I am completely blessed to have just amazing inlaw’s and they don’t come around very often!!!

For me going to QLD to the theme parks and all the shemozzle was a childhood dream of mine, and each year for some reason or another we never made it. So I would get my hopes up high and then be disappointed when we didn’t go. I know one year we were asked if we wanted to go to QLD or NZ and of course we picked NZ as it is a totally different country. So for my dream to only be a week and a half away is such a surreal feeling.

I don’t know how the kids will cope in flight or if they will at all, and I am super scared about landing and take off with the little ones ears… I really hope they do not have any problems and their ears stay fine (lots of gummy bears will be taken on the flight.)

We have a great itinerary happening and hopefully we can fit it all in and a little more J Let the countdown BEGIN!!!

Any suggestions on things we should see and do over in QLD would be great