L'Oreal Spring Picks

L’Oreal always gets me when I am at the shops as I am always drawn to their little counter to see what is new and what I can add to my forever growing L’Oreal collection (I would be happy to die in a pool of L’oreal haha.)

So this time around I was very keen to see what was new and what would be ‘hot” for these warmer seasons, even though Spring in Melbourne has kind of distanced itself again.. I wouldn’t mind seeing its head again though as I am not liking getting sick from the constant weather change, one day it is hot and the next I am rocking the dressing gown and uggies while sipping on my hot tea.

L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara $27.95

L’Oreal’s biggest ever millionizer brush builds excess volume whilst separating the lashes for defined and volumized lashes. The anti-clump wiper removes excess mascara from the brush for the most sophisticated lashes, no clumping!
This is my favourite new product from L’Oreal and it is always a good mascara that gets me. If I do say so myself I have great long eyelashes (thanks Mum) and love to make them bold them and really show them off.

Million Lashes Excess Mascara is the first mascara available from a department store that has said it doesn’t clump and actually DOESN’T which is a massive plus. Nothing fluffs my feathers more then buying a mascara that says no clumping and ends up sticking them all together and making it look like a applied the product with a truck grease plate.

The brush is also really cool which will help you to create a luxurious volume and add that sophisticated look to almost any look.  LOVE

The lovelies at L’Oreal know me too well and know how much I adore my 2-Step Longwear lipstick and went and sent me 3 NEW ones to go with the season change and colours that will really rock this season.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick $29.95 each

The 1st* longwear 2-step lip colour with hyaluronic gel for 24HR triple action.

- All day smoothness for colour that never dries
- All day hydration for endless comfort
- All day resistance for colour that never fades

The three colours I got send were

113- Invincible Sable
Which is an absolutely amazing nude colour and one I will be wearing when I am having that plain kind of day or even to the beach, so I don’t look like I am of Jersey Shore or The Shire haha.
406- Orange Extreme
You can tell by the name what colour this is, and extreme orange colour DERR! But this is something special and a colour I did notice a heck of a lot at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and will really come out to play on those warmer days. I have worn this along with my bright floral dress and loved the combo, its such a bright blinged up colour with a beautiful hint of shimmer.
510- Continual Crimson
If you put two and two together with this one you would also know it is a shade of red.  It reminds me of Dorothory’s shoes in the Wizard of Oz, it is just that kind of red. I have a wedding come up soon which is a black tie event and will be sure to smudge some of this on my lips :-P

With the Infallible 2 step all you have to do is apply the colour, I find it sets so much better and doesn’t flake if you let it dry and let it get really sticky on your lips. Then you apply the clear balm, which is a beautiful texture and has a fruity scent to it. I have sneakily used this many times just by itself to really hydrate my lips.

If I had to pick one of these to be my favourite shade I would have to go with Orange Extreme as it is one of the most used colours I have seen at fashion shows for these upcoming seasons. If you need a colour this Spring/Summer then this is the one to get onto.  

Infallible Makeup-Up Liquid $35.95 in Classic Ivory
Classic Ivory on the right and to the left is Natural Buff

   Infallible Make-up Liquid Foundation resists signs of make-up melt  down for a 18HR glowing complexion.
Available in 7 shades for an infallible complexion all day long.

I know there are not to many shades with this collection but if you find two that are close to your colour and not quite them I am sure you will find the right shade for you. For me I mixed Classic Ivory and Natural Buff together, which are two popular ones from L’Oreal and created the perfect shade for my face. There are shades that will cover the whitest of faces right down to the totally tanned babes. I think everyone will be able to find their shade within the 7 varieties.

Always when using a new foundation I am very skeptical and really hesitant as I do NOT want breakouts and I am scared that when I go out and not have my makeup at hand I will end up with either a dry flakey face or an oily mess. So I tend to use a foundation first at home and get the feel for it before wearing it out. The Infallible liquid foundation passed with flying colours and I was more then happy to flaunt the face in public. I think I pulled off a very natural look without anybody noticing I was even wearing foundation.

Right: Classic Ivory Left: Natural Buff

I don’t have many blemishes on my face and don’t often get breakouts but I do find I feel much more confident and have a flawless finish when using a foundation or powder.
This is the perfect natural foundation but can be used a little more for that perfect flawless face that is camera ready when you go out.

Now after using and wearing all this makeup I need something that will take it off without upsetting my skin. This is where I found

L’Oréal Paris Eye Make-up Remover $12.95

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, enriched with Pro Vitamin, gently yet thoroughly removes all traces of make-up. Its refreshing and gentle formula is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

First wipe every wipe this remover gets my eye makeup off. But if I am wearing quite a lot of makeup I will find it smudges all over my eye, but get a clean cotton pad and put some more product on and wipe the smudges away and its done, perfect clean skin that actually is left shining.

There is no real smell to this, which can be great for some but I love to smell yummy when going to bed so I just finish things off with my Lush moisturiser.

In the bottle you see super cute little oil balls floating around the top and then when you shake it up you end up with tiny little oil particles wiggling around the bottle.  Super cute and also lots of fun for the child living inside me hehe.

I hope this post has helped you to also find some L’Oreal Loves for your Spring collection :-)

I would LOVE to hear from you guys what are you favourite L’Oreal products and ones I need to try for myself!