The Trash Pack Festy-Val at Luna Park

The girls and I are very excited for one event It is  a massive kids event at St Kildas iconic Luna Park on 5 October the Trash Pack Festy-Val!

The drawcard: all who attend will partake in an attempt to claim the World Record for the most people Dressed up as Trash! Picture thousands of kids dressed up in anything gross - old milk cartons as shoes, banana peel necklaces, garbage bags, newspapers you name it will be on show! For our girlies we are going to have them dress in pink decorated garbage bags with ooey gooey things attached. They will also sport some gruesome shoes, which I am yet to decide what.  

So you might be asking me what are the benefits of the Trash Pack Festy-Val Well for starters there is a morning full of FREE RIDES AND FUN!!!

There are also lots of other fun things to do such as :
•              Manky Museum all Trash Pack figurines ever made on show
•              Trashie Cinema Tram
•              Tonnes of prizes for kids (not to mention limited edition Trashies!)
•              Celebrity MC Ashley McPherson

To register please visit