Happy Friday beauties- Wishing every day was Friday

Ok, so it is Friday and already and only lunch time. But when it hit 11am my body already kicked into weekend mode and my brain switched off, but who cares IT'S FRIDAY and I can totally do that!!

The weather outside is nothing like the Spring days that have greeted us in these last weeks so it has ruined our park plans L So here we are chilling on the couch and playing games and drawing pictures. Although I did duck off to the toilet only to find my youngest had decorated the kitchen floor, luckily they are water-based markers and were easily washed off.

I am going to the footy tonight (AFL) And have no idea where I am going to find the motivation, not to mention the bloody clothes! Here I was thinking I could pack up my Winter Wardrobe and start shopping for Spring/Summer, but nope!! Looks like I have to whip out the winter coat, scarf and anything else that will keep me warm haha.

Thinking I was getting better was also a mistake L I have woken up with the body aches and a sore throat, god I love the weather that cannot make it’s mind up. Also I did notice this morning Madison woke up with a sticky eye that became red and inflamed as the morning went on, lets hope it is not another bout of conjunctivitis (poor petal.) If any Mummies/Daddies/Nanas or anybody knows any natural remedies I would love to hear from you before I go to the Doctors to find something to help her..  

But Friday is finally here and it is time to celebrate :-) This weekend we are off to Bundoora Park to have a look at the spot for Hails birthday and also buy some bits and pieces for it! 
And who could forget the Mr doesn't have work so we don't need to share him and can smother him with our cuddles and kisses hehe. 

Well beauties I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Friday xx