Tried and Tested Skin Physic’s Derma Sonic Facial Cleanser

The cleansing brushes never really appealed to me when they first came out and I just didn’t see the point of spending such money on something I thought my hands could do! Well once again a product has completely proved me wrong and basically laughed in my face. I was given the opportunity to trial the:

Skin Physic’s Derma Sonic Facial Cleanser
RRP $119.00
With the ability to remove up to six times more makeup than manual cleansing, the Derma Sonic uses sonic frequency
to gently but effectively cleanse and buff the skin, removing build up of dead skin cells and impurities.

In just 60 seconds, the micro-massaging action removes makeup, dirt and oil for a deep cleanse, leaving skin feeling clean and smooth.

Best of all, the Derma Sonic is completely waterproof and can be used in the shower for a super quick deep cleanse.
Four speed settings allow users to control the effect and feel on their skin, with sensitive and regular facial brush options also included in the pack. Interchangeable heads for face and body enable users to target specific skin concerns, such as back acne

The first time I was actually interested in a facial cleanser is when I had a breakfast with Rebecca Gibney not too long ago and she could not speak highly of them. I thought then this was something I had to try out, especially if it meant my skin would look something like Rebecca!

So when I was sent a message from Skin Physics I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out a skin cleanser like this for myself So this is where all my theories went out of the window and I was shell shocked at how amazing this worked and how much junk was still left in my skin when using the hands. Ok using my hands would have saved me a lot of cash but THIS is something I would pay money at a salon to get done.

Here is the super cute charging dock
Firstly it feels like a facial massage and totally relaxed me before I got ready to jump into bed. The first time I used it was before bed in front of the mirror. But after I got a feel for the product I was using it every second day in the shower and wouldn’t use it any other way now Unless I am in the bath of course.

It takes no time and all and my skin was left gleaming and actually brought to life again. The bristles were surprisingly really soft and only made my skin go slightly red, but that’s cleared within minutes and that was used on the sensitive setting. I also love that they include other heads for your body that are a little larger.. Although I have done my body once  (well my legs) and it was just way to time consuming and I didn’t get the result like I did for my face.

I am almost tempted to try a couple of other facial cleansers on the market now and see if any of them compare.
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