Vapur Bottles

I have finally found a drinking bottle that can be taken with me ANYWHERE. It fits into my handbag without taking up all the room; you wouldn't even know a bottle was in there. Actually it folds into a size just a tad larger then a credit card, or you can use an elastic band to make it go smaller.
They come in some very colourful modern designs which is pretty cool, each member of our family has a different colour no we know who's is who.

VAPUR have launched three new styles and designs in time for summer – 

Runway – a clutch friendly space-saver, offers the convenience you want and the flare every trendsetter needs – Runway will keep you hydrated AND looking good! 
Element - The new VAPUR ‘Element’ is designed to meet the performance needs of sports & outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.  The patterned flexible design is lighter and easier to hold than rigid bottles – folds flat when empty to go virtually anywhere.  Now available in two new sizes (0.7L and 1.0L)
Quenchers – do it yourself anti-bottles for kids – pick your fav quencher – Bo, Lolli, Fuse & Splash and personalise with a fun enclosed sticker pack.  Add water to wake 'em up' . The Quenchers are perfect companions for school, travel, sport. 
 Vapur's new styles come with all the features of Vapur’s famous 'anti-bottle'

I love that I can fold my bottle, scrunch with, roll it, attach it to things and even freeze it. To top it off it is also BPA free, which is a must in our family.
My daughter loves when I make her icy juice slurpees in them, all I do is pop juice in there and throw it in the freezer until it starts to freeze over. Then when it starts to freeze I take it out and break up the ice, this is a perfect treat for kids in these hot summer days.

The VAPUR range is very durable and long lasting, I have been using them everyday for three weeks (or since I received them) and they remain brand new looking with the odd minor scratch, which has made a mark in the decal.

My favourite of all the VAPUR's that I was sent would definitely have to be the Quenchers.

They are cute little monster creatures that have no face or anything. The pack contains stickers with eyes, mouths and accessories so you can customise your own monster and change it as often as you like (or until the stickers run out.) Miss H popped some googley eyes and a wide open smile one hers, only to decide she didn't like it and changed it all around!

We accidentally forgot Miss H's quencher in the car, and when i finally discovered it under the seat, I was so tempted to just throw it out. Usually when this happens they pong and keep the horrible smell forever to the point you just have to throw it. But I just couldn't bare to throw this out , so I popped it in the sink and washed it as usual. It didn't even smell one little bit, and only now when I have sat down and read my media release I read that it is made with a special smell resistant material. So we really put this bad boy to the test and it passed with flying colours. 

We use these everyday and love them so much.