Manicare Mini Tweezers

Manicare in mini... That's right the mini tweezers. These are a pluckers pick, with every pull a hair comes out. And not once did I pinch my skin and make my eyes watery. I was actually sent my favourite colour to review, which is a bonus. But this range comes in a big variety of awesome colours. The main thing I love about these tweezers is the shape of the end, there is a point side for them stubborn hairs it is pretty much a slanted end. They also come in a little plastic cylinder, I'm not sure if this is meant to be thrown away after opening or what but I love it as that's where my tweezers live. I also love that they are a real girlie colour so it deters Mr. Matthew using my tweezers for his nose hairs (totally gross and totally TMI) but hey I used to have to hide my tweezers and now I can leave them in the bathroom knowing he won't touch. A great product and with a great price, I think you can pick them up for around the $12.00 mark. But if these were the mini's I would love to see what size the normal ones are, as these tweezers seem like the norm size to me. So ladies if you are looking for the perfect brow, Manicare will help you get there :-)

Made with the finest quality colour-coated stainless steel tweezers with perfectly aligned, hand filed precision tip. The ultra-fine tips are designed to grab every hair, every time. Includes storage tube.

Beauty Tip:For best results, use after a hot shower or apply a hot towel to the area for hair removal. This will help loosen the hair follicle. Grab each individual hair at the root to avoid breakage, pulling smoothly in the direction of hair growth. Once basic shape is defined, tweeze between brows and use a Point tweezer to grab baby fine strays and any short, tricky stubs.