Allegra Rhodes

Allegra Rhodes

Cherry Blossom Body Wash 450mL

Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this sensual body wash. The unmistakable drop of juicy Cherry blended gracefully with Freesia, creates this irresistibly sweet and utterly feminine fragrance. Amber and Musk twirl on the summery scent of Lily of the Valley, while the warm woody tones pleasure the senses for longer.

I love being able to take a little luxury with me where ever I go. Sometimes a mummy needs products just for her, a product that smells so yummy and girly that daddy will keep his hands off; and it did just that!! I popped it in the shower the night before, so that when I woke up in the morning I could give it a shot in the shower. Well mister Matthew gets up way before any of us do to have a shower and get ready for work. Well he thought he would be a little smarty party and use the nice looking NEW body wash that was in there (mind you he has his own, but had ran out.) Next thing you know I am woken to my partner standing there in his towel asking me if we had any soap as he couldn't go to work smelling like a chick. I was half asleep, but couldn't help but laugh my head off and get up to find him a bar of manlier smelling soap haha. It was quite entertaining and I think he may have finally learnt his lesson!! 
The best way I can describe the smell of Allegra's cherry blossom body wash is a sweet musky floral smell. It's pretty indescribable but one worth giving a shot. The smell lingers on your skin throughout the day, and I caught myself a couple of times sitting there smelling my arm. The body wash is also very gentle and moisturises the skin to perfection, the bet way to finish off your wash though is to apply their body lotion afterwards.

Sweet Apple & Grapefruit Body Lotion 250mL

Indulge your senses and treat yourself daily with this luxurious moisturising body lotion A luscious fuse of candied Apple with refreshingly zesty Grapefruit makes this fragrance crisp, sweet and delightfully reviving. A mélange of Tuberose, Blonde Woods and White Amber are present to ensure The sweetness lingers.

Summer is meant to be nice tans and glowing skin... But for me it just doesn't come that easily, because being in the sun dries me out so bad like a roast with no oil. I mean if I don't use a lotion or moisturiser I turn into a snake, my skin goes really scaley and yuck. I don't usually moisturise everyday as I always forget, but I will use a lotion once every two days, and that's where I need a really strong hydrating lotion. 
So when I used the sweet apple and grapefruit body lotion, I was so surprised at how well it actually works and how amazing my skin was left feeling. The smell wasn't so strong and overpowering but it really did compliment the body wash.

The consistency is also a great one it's not really thick and greasy but it is also not watery and a little bit really does go a long way. I can't think of a worse body lotion then the really thick greasy ones that makes your skin feel terrible and sticky. But Allegra Rhode's body lotion is far from any of that it is just the perfect lotion that I will continue to love and use.