Covergirl WetSlicks

 WetSlicks- RRP: $9.95 each

NEW Caramel Apple, NEW Lychee Splash, NEW Blackberry Splash, NEW Cranberry Splash, Watermelon Splash, Papaya Splash, Plum Splash, Strawberry Splash, Raspberry Splash and Berry Splash.

I have been having a few health issues lately and haven't been able to eat my favourite foods like fresh fruit. So it was a major relief when I was sent these babies in the mail. They are just s good as taking a bite out of your favourite fruits only with no calories.

WetSlicks have recreated the smells of the fresh and fine set fruits available on the market, you would swear if you had you eyes closed you were smelling the real deal.

Not only does this gloss smell great, it gives you the amazing glistening lips leaving them soft and hydrated. You can even use it on chapped and cracked lips, as it doesn't hurt one bit (although this isn't recommended.) You also don't walk around liking your lips like a crazy person, as there is barely a taste. You wont want to lick your lips anyway even if they did taste amazing, as the smell you get under your nose of the amazing fruitiness will make you chase forward like a horse with a carrot dangling in front of it... So divine and a must have for them yummy mummies.

A very purse or clutch worthy beauty product, that should be in every girls collection. I'm loving the new look tube as well, and how Covergirl are keeping up with the times while keeping it sort of to the original Covergirl look. They have really brought the gloss back to life, the lipsticks were starting to take over there, but these provide beautiful colours and nice shiny lips.

Covergirl WetSlick Fuit Spritzer is available at:
Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Kmart, Target, Priceline and selected pharmacies. So pretty much if you head down to your plaza you will be sure to find them and love them as much as I do!!