Take me back to the River

Back to Reality.... 

Dirty untameable hair, skin so brown (only from the dirt and dust), black French tips from the dirt and not a care in the world. 
That's what I was living like for a week up at The Murray river, and you know what I wouldn't have had it any their way.

What an amazing want to spend New Years, with my beautiful family and no idiots or drunks to cause trouble. 

Every year without fail my family (partner and two girls) go up to the river for a week or more, there is never really a set time to get back. I love it so much, the serenity and quite is just unbelievable. 

Waking up to the birds chirping away and the sun beaming through your tent, and falling asleep watching the sunset over the river while sitting on the sand.

This year was the first year that little Madison has actually been camping. She loved the water and it was so hard to keep her out of it, although the first day there she had no idea what to do in the water and was very uneasy n her feet (even with a life jacket on.) The only one bad thing about camping with Madison is the mosquitoes absolutely LOVE her and her blood, no matter how much spray you apply on her or how much coils you put around they attack the poor little monkey. The only place she was safe was in the tent with long sleeve jammies on and some pants. And you couldn't really do that for a lot of the nights as it only got down to 26 at night.

There was one day there I thought I was ready to die... It was a 45 degree day and it felt horrible to even breath. I couldn't take it anymore and neither could the family so we all jumped into the car and headed to the nearest golf course (which was an absolute treat on the eye, and nice and icey cold inside.) we had some lunch in there and a couple of ice cold beverages. 

I love camping so much and can't wait to go back, I'm trying to convince my partner to head back for Easter. But I can't see that happening as we are saving for QUEENSLAND :-) eeeekkk