Kiehl's is the yummiest thing I have smelt in a long time!!

Pure Scents from Around the World
With its heritage of rare, yet purposeful fragrances and its expertise in skincare, Kiehl’ s delivers a new range of fragrances and highly efficacious body formulas

If you are looking for something fresh and new then Kiehl’s new range is the range for you. 

When I received my samples as soon as I opened the post packaging the room instantly filled with a great aroma. Here I was thinking ‘ great something is busted’ But no way could they be busted the care that was taken to ensure these got to me in one piece was amazing, they came in really cute little brown boxes.  I was so excited going through all the little boxes and sniffing out all the great smells. One that really blew me away and was a favourite from the get go was definitely the vanilla and cedarwood. The smell was strong and intense and I just loved the warmness of the smell. 

I sprayed some of the fragrance mist on my hand this morning so 6 hours ago and it still smells; I have washed the kids done the dishes in hot soapy water and I can still smell it on my skin!! The only smell that didn’t really appeal to me would have had to of been the … well none!! I have just gone through and smelt them all again and there is not one that I can say, that isn’t a pleasant smell or one I don’t like!!  These have come in perfect timing, as they have a really summer fresh smell. The wash makes your skin smell amazing and then the body lotion keeps your skin smelling like that all day. Did I mention it also keeps your skin feeling AMAZEBALLS!!!! Kiehl's moisturiser really does lock in the moisture. I took this product away with me camping last week, as I received a little sample bottle and thought it was the perfect size. When swimming in the Murray my legs took a beating, they were all dried up and cracking ( I looked like a snake.) But every time I used this moisturiser my skin would instantly come back to life, and the added bonus; they smelt amazing to.

Then the fragrance smell like I have stated above lasts forever and ever and ever!! This is a fragrance you wont have worry about keeping a small bottle in the bag as you wont need it! I will be going and buying a full size bottle of the vanilla and cedar wood fragrance spray, it is so great and my favourite by far!!