Fresca Deodorant

Fresca Deodorant

100% Natural deodorant

All day performance

NO aluminium
NO alcohol
NO parabens.

Blended with pure essential oils
Dries quickly - Not sticky

Hand made in Western Australia

I have never come across a natural deodorant that actually worked until I stumbled across Fresca Natural. Not only do they work but they also have amazing fragrances. The three that I was sent to try were the citrus fresh, which is very citrus scented and I think is a really nice summery refreshing smell (great for after them sweaty sports and days.)
Then I was also sent the jaisara, which is jasmine and ylang ylang. This is a very sensual relaxing smell, with the predominant scent being the jasmine and the ylang ylang compliments the smell. This one is my favourite as when I was a kid I used to use a shampoo that was ylang ylang and jasmine scented and it was the only one I would use. So every time mum went to the shops she would have to make sure only to buy that brand (such a picky kid.)

The lovely Elda from Fresca actually sent me a lavender deodorant for my mum when she learnt of my mothers love for lavender. And boy oh boy did mum love the deodorant, she leaves it in her handbag and everything. Not only does she use it as a deodorant but she also rubs it on her wrists as a perfume. She has been on the hunt for a lavender deodorant for a while. We were even speaking of creating our own line, but now we don’t have to as mums found her perfect match J 

I love these deodorants and love the fact that they are natural and there are no harsh chemical going onto my skin and ultimately in my body. It’s also great to use after your underarms have been freshly shaven or waxed, because there is no alcohol there is no sting; it is fantastic!! Two thumbs up for these, and if I had more then two thumbs they would also be up :P