Dr. Lipp

SOS balm and Lip Gloss
100% natural 100% Pure
$28.00 15mls
Available at http://www.drlipp.com and also Mecca Cosmetics.

I have never known anything to work as well as nipple balm has on my lips... It makes sense though; your nipples need quick repair so you can continue to feed baby pain free. Now the onto reason nipple balm went on my lips is because when I was in labour with Madison my lips became very dry and chapped and I was biting them and putting them through absolute hell. AND AFTER two hours I needed something on my lips and ASAP. So I asked my partner to search through my maternity bag and grab out my paw paw, after a few minutes of searching through probably two contractions he returned only to tell me I had forgot to pack it. Here I was thing it was the end of the world when he pulled out the tube of nipple balm and said could you use this on your lips? I couldn't care less if it said it was for my nipples my lips were almost at the point of bleeding. So I popped it on and was instantly relieved.

So when I learnt of Dr. Lipps nipple balm for lips, I had to get me some to try!! And I wasn't disappointed at all; it was nice and thick just as I had remembered in hospital. You can literally use this balm on anything, I use it  on my lips, on my nips, my nails after having a mani or file, my cracked elbows and heels, and I even use this balm on Miss Madison's bum in between changes. I love using it in her bum, as it keeps moisture off her raw skin when there is a rash and even helps to heal it. So not only does this balm make your cracked or chapped lips feel better it is also medically proven to help heal and repair them.

The SOS balm is great because it has no taste what so ever, so there is no temptation to lick all the balm off. I also has no smell at all; I have this thing with scented balms, it sort of annoys me at times as I always lift my top lip up to my nose and smell it.

Discover the secret passed on from nursing mothers to make-up artists. Dr Lipps original nipple balm for lips is a thick, rich, long lasting moisturising bam and gloss. A cult makeup kit essential, amazing for lips and so much more. A great must have product for any mum out there.