Cleaning our bodies with... Method

Wowie, in the world of blogging you learn something new (or multiple things) every day.

 I had the amazing opportunity to put some great Method products to the test, and review. Little did I know that Method also makes an amazing range of household cleaning products, which I will be going out to try ASAP. If they work and smell anything like the personal care products then they are worth every penny and more.

Some might be turned away from Methods bright and colourful packaging, but for me this is what drew me towards it and made me fall in love. I love that they have taken that extra step to really stand out from the crowd and not blend in, these days you need to stand out and due different for people to notice. But there packing isn't just amazing on the eyes it's also amazing on the environment. Packaging is something near and dear to our hearts at method. Long neglected as merely "containment," method is known for giving home care products beautiful, vibrant, even sexy packaging. What’s less known is the greenness of our packaging? Packaging sustainability is a core skill at method. And we don't just look at things like recyclability or the latest "biodegradable" plastic, we actually dig deep to understand what really happens to our packaging when you're done with it, and we build that into what we design in the first place.

None of their products are tested on animals either, but I am so confident in these products I would be more then happy to wash my pooch with their body washes and I am sure my pooch would to.

Now for the products I was super dooper lucky to get my hands on:

I was given the opportunity to try two of Method's hand washes (one for my bathroom and one for the kids.) they are the sweet water hand wash and the fresh currant naturally derived hand wash. Both of which I LOVE their fragrance, and what I love more is knowing I am not hurting the environment or my skin using these washes. My hands touch and come in contact with so many things; I don't even want to think of the germs that live there. So I want a product I can be confident in for both my family and myself, and Method has my confidence and trust. When you squirt the hand wash onto your hands your nose is instantly filled with beautiful aromas, but not only that your hands are left silky soft and feeling great. My daughter loves using this hand wash, as it doesn't take forever to wash off, as there isn't a lot of foaming and bubbles.

Now my new favourite baby products are those from Method.
I tried the squeaky green body lotion in rice milk and mallow (RRP $7.99). I don't usually use a lotion on my girls as they keep their oils in their skin really well without the help of lotions. But I love using this lotion just so I can smell the scent; it's such a soft sweet baby smell and such a pleasure to the nose. method's lotion also makes the girls skin feel like I am touching silk, the lotion also doesn't turn them into grease balls with skin super oily.

Method kid squeaky green body wash in fuzzy peach.
RRP $7.99
I am a big sucker for body cleaning products that smell like fruit, especially when it's Summer. And method has hit the nail on the head with this one, such perfect scented peach wash you would think you were scrubbing with a ripe peach. 

The method kid squeaky green bubbly bath- rice milk + mallow
RRP $7.99
This is my favourite bubbly bath by far. I love that it makes so many bubbles with just a little squirt, and fills the entire bathroom with the amazing sweet smell. My girls love the cute little penguin bottles they come in, very creative and super cool. I love that there is nothing on the market like it, I know if I was walking down the isle and saw these cute little penguin bottles they would instantly grab my attention.

Lastly there is the Method Kid Squeaky Green 3 in 1 Shampoo- Crisp Apple
RRP $7.99
Yummy yummy yummy!! That's all I have to say about this one.... NOT!! There's the yummy fruity smell that leaves me wanting to eat my girlies hair. Then there is also the way it leaves my girls soft and silky and not a knot in site!! It comes in a funky green penguin bottle that is just ohh so cute! This little fella can waddle on into our bathroom any day of the week.

I am so glad that Method gave me the chance to try these products, because I have know switched to Method for my girls!! I love the adult products to and will be getting them again; I will also be looking into purchasing some of their cleaning products to try out. If they are anything like their personal care products then they will be ace!!