Noah's Juice

I love that Noah's actually cares about the environment not just what's cheapest for them to make. Their bottles are made of glass so they are infinitely recyclable and can be melted down and used again. They also don't use them horrible plastics lids. It's just a slim piece or like foil or aluminum or something, so there isn't much to even have to be recycled.

Now if it’s not for their love of the environment it's there thick real juice gold that will have you and me coming back for me. Personally I love juice and it’s my cheaters way of eating... Well err drinking my breakfast. I'm not a huge breakfast person and usually in the morning it's go go go in our house and I'm to busy feeding the girls to worry about myself!! So this juice is packed with all the fruit and nutrients I could want.

I was sent a sample of some of Noah’s range which consist of: 

Freshly cut apple- A real pure taste of apple, without the killer sweetness of most apple juices on the market. 

Valencia Orange- I love this as it has pulp in it, which with orange juice I'm a big fan of. But again you can taste your only drinking pure orange juice without all the crap added and loads of sugar, and if you don't believe it then just read the ingredient label. It tells you exactly what goes into all their juices.. Which is well, fruit juice.

Orange, apple, guava, banana, pineapple and PawPaw- I love seeing this juice contains pawpaw, we use it to heal the outer of our bodies why not put it inside our body. The combination of this fruit juice is just amazing and gets all them taste buds working in overdrive. I don't even think if you were to close your eyes you could guess all the fruit in this bad boy!! This is my ultimate breakfast juice. 

Apple , peach, kiwi fruit, mango and like juice smoothie- this is a perfect juice to be sipping down by the beach. Such a summery combination of flavours, that just works together to make a better then a freshly made smoothie from a cafe or bar. It's a weird looking green colour, which can steer some away as they are turned off by the colour. But not me when I saw the colour I knew instantly it was crammed with loads of kiwi fruit goodness! Just yummy!!

I have not one bad word to say about any of these juices. My partner also tried them with me and the only one he didn't like is the apple juice. He believes sometimes it is good to have some sweetener in it, to give it hat nice taste. I agree with him also but I know this version is so much better for your body!!